Portals to presence


Immersive experiences

Deeply healing sessions, LIGHT are our most potent recipes. Practical magic to guide you to living fuller, better, healthier and more wholesome in all your moments.

 We share a slither of the vast wealth that is conscious movement, breath and intention. 

Each is co-taught by Keira & Maia and includes a little education, print-outs and resources to keep forever.

Sundays 10am-12:30pm:

HYPNOTIC fluid yoga - June 27th 

 FREEDOM movement - August 15th

HUM full body listening - September 19th

DIVE restorative - Thursday July 8th


Great Glemham Village Hall. A light and bright space. Car parking is limited but free.

DIVE is livestreamed via Zoom in the comfort of your own home/garden/favourite space.

Investment per workshop:

Choose the investment to suit you; no questions asked. If you’re able to pay the higher amount, you'll be supporting those less able. Feel free to choose lower tiers if you book more than one LIGHT event.

You choose between £20 to £35

Secure your spot by clicking 'Donate' to pay by PayPal. Alternatively, email us for bank transfer details. Yoga is our full-time occupation, so we're unfortunately unable to offer refunds or cancellations

Support for the less secure:

We're offering one free space per workshop. If you're in financial difficulty, send us a few lines telling us a little about yourself to apply. All is kept in confidence.


“La Loba sings over the bones she has gathered.


To sing means to use the soul-voice. It means to say on the breath the truth of one’s power and one’s need, to breathe soul over the thing that is ailing or in need of restoration…


That is singing over the bones.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes


fluidity & feeling : an ecstatic process

Sunday 27th June 10:00 - 12:30

Breathe, move, feel, repeat.


Meditation can often feel forced or tricky to navigate.


Yet all is forever in motion, so here we explore a moving flow of breath and fluidity to fall into an effortless moving meditation.


We’ll share a unique sequence of movement to encourage freedom. Repetition will be our guide as we weave a rhythm to sink into body, mind and spirit.


We explore tempo, rhythm, breath and fluidity. For anyone interested in how movement can feel medicinal.


Breath practices and flow to keep you feeling expansive and alive to the fullness of your potential.


This will be incredibly life-affirming, reminding you how to love and appreciate the skin and body you are in.


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.


They must be felt with the heart”



sound & vibration : all is in motion

Sunday 19th September 10:00 - 12:30

All matter consists of energy, and all energy pulsates and vibrates to a universal rhythm.


Here we tap into the external and internal sounds to encourage attunement, presence and balance in how we hold ourselves externally and internally.


Expect breath, movement, music and sound to wake you up to a whole new level of be-ing. We show how noise can pick you up out of low-vibration frequency (fear, anxiety, loss, anger etc.) into high-vibration states (happiness, confidence, freedom etc.).


We introduce you to a whole new world of sound you likely never knew existed and provide quick-fire tools to use in every life moment to bring the state of Yoga quickly to the surface whenever you need presence.


We go far beyond the experience of hearing with the ears and learn to pick up the energetic pulse, gather it and use it to our advantage. To tune in, let go and feel into it all.


For anyone who has a deep desire to learn how to listen deeper, how to feel what you feel truly.


For anyone with breath and body.


beams & shadows : light within

Sunday 15th August 10:00 - 12:30


After a year of stolen freedoms, we’ll explore what it means to reclaim inner balance and peace.


There’s a tendency in 'Yoga and Wellness' to bypass the tricky sensations, encouraging 'living light & joy'.

This approach can feel difficult, and sometimes impossible to navigate beyond the mat.


Heavy experiences are equally as valuable and worthy for our growth and wellbeing as the brighter, lighter parts. Here we’ll share how to feel in-body in all your moments; light and heavy.


We’ll explore movement and methods which allow all to be processed with no need for talk therapy. The processes shared here will invite presence into every moment and you'll be able to use them every day.


Expect breath and movement to restore inner balance. We'll include an introduction to mind-body interaction, we'll practice somatic healing, specific breath practices, heart work and more.

This promises to be insightful, joyful and another ecstatic process. If you can only make one L I G H T offering, make it this one; it's a goody. Modifications offered, suited for every body.


For all bodies.

Above the Clouds


deep see dive

Online session Thursday 8th July 19:00 - 21:30


This special restorative session is accompanied by the most beautiful soundscape of music, original poetry and readings to inspire a deep dive within.


Pausing can be both softening and stirring; we'll explore a whole spectrum with no rush to skip any sensation.


Expect powerful breath practices, guided meditations and the power of self-applied acupressure.


Let us explore the momentum and pause in the softest ways imaginable. A deep letting go.


Expect breath, meditation, movement and stillness.

Have a bolster (or two firm cushions) and a blanket. We'll be sharing a playlist so it's helpful to have a Spotify account too (they're free!).