Vegan Meal Ideas; Dinner

February 26, 2015

Edamame salad RECIPE TO FOLLOW

Add avocado, hummus, sprouts & seeds


Veggie lasagne with salad, sprouts and seeds RECIPE TO FOLLOW

Add garlic bread, hummus & roasted beetroot


Cheats tagine with salad, sprouts and seeds

Add quinoa, couscous, brown rice or cauliflower rice and vegan naan


Sweet potato curry with brown rice RECIPE TO FOLLOW

Add a scoop of hummus or a chunk of vegan bread


Falafel wrap with salad, beetroot, tomato and cucumber

Add vegannaise or vegan slaw. Serve with oven chips or sweet potato wedges and vegan ketchup.


Veggie soup

Add basil oil and a scattering of tamari seeds or almonds. Add a side salad or some roast veggies for dipping.


Baked sweet potato jacket with vegan fillings

Serve with sprouts, seeds and a generous salad



Wholemeal tortilla wraps with vegan refried beans, cool tomato salsa, rice pasta and salad

Add a grating of vegan cheeze or a dollop of hummus


Linda McCartney sausages with sweet potato mash

Make some vegan gravy (use veg bouillon) and some sautéed onions and steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrots


Nut roast with roast sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, steamed broccoli, cabbage & brussels

Add cranberry sauce, vegan gravy & alfalfa or preferred sprouts


Tofu wraps

Cabbage leaves with hummus, grated carrots, beetroot & courgette, generous handful of seeds & sprouts

Add basil oil, roast red onion & roast pepper. Serve with some oven chips or sweet potato wedges


Roast peppers

Cut length wise filled with quinoa, mixed herbs and roasted veggies of your choice

Serve with hummus, a side salad, generous drizzling of Good Oil or beauty oil. Or add some organic baked beans & vegan garlic bread and a generous side salad topped with Good Oil.

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