zoom, zoom shake the (inner) room

To say we were hesitant to go online with our offerings, is a huge understatement.

To facilitate yoga is to sense into the energy of the body of a room of a people….to sense into the energies of the bodies.

It takes years of learning to listen to self, to navigate through the inner processes, in order to refine the art of listening and sensing others.

And going onto zoom held this whole dilemma of how would we read, hear or sense into a room, when there was no ‘room’. When the participants would be scattered miles (some of us over 100) apart.

It’s been a whole new process.

The first few weeks were messy. We were more concerned with whether the angle, audio, light and delivery of it all would hit the right spot. With no dedicated filming space, studio, technical equipment or lighting, we felt up against it all.

Our intellect was triggered, and the intelligence took a back seat. And when your mind is elsewhere, ‘out of body’, too much in the head, we can’t feel into our own bodies, let alone start to read a room or virtual space.

But time, thankfully has proven we were wrong to worry.

None of the above was an issue. But our worrying about them was the issue.

And when we finally got out of our own way, and started to relax into it, magic happened. Because what we’ve learnt over the past 2 months is that we are all at home when in our homes. And being in our own space, with no concern for the people around us as participants (not as facilitators!), then you’ve got a whole new kind of freedom just to lean into it and feel into the sense of being.

Zoom has showed us that people are willing to show up in whole new ways, especially in their own space. Some of us (we’re included) have only a tiny amount of physical space, but we roll out the mat and make the effort anyway.

And the unity is there.

And the willingness to share and sink into the inner space in a safe, known environment is leaned into.

This practice is ever-revealing. Lockdown happened and we thought our lifetime investment in aiming to learn, share, integrate and initiate change and invite light, was finished. We thought this was the end of true, transformative yoga.

But truthfully, it’s been a whole new opportunity of growth. And further enlightenment.

Zoom is better than okay. It will be part of our schedule for the long term now.

We see you. And we’re grateful to be connected in new ways.

We’re feeling really lit up to have been wrong about it all. And, again more lessons are revealed:

- Don’t give up at the smallest hitch

- Don’t assume you know how things will be

- Get out of your own way

- Connection is possible across the virtual space

- The lessons are ever-revealing

- Sensing into space in your own space is magic

- Don’t run with the spin that the mind can narrate

- Feel it all

- If it’s meant to be, it will happen

- It’s good to be wrong