yield; recipes of restoration

Our favourite recipe book uses the phrase ‘yield’ instead of ‘servings’. The yield is what you receive; the outcome of the method of the recipe.

Our Yield sessions are recipes of restoration interweaved with meditations, insights, breath practices and offerings to explore the inner and outer experience of who and how you are.

Like our recipe book; these postures thread together to serve the soul a heap of nourishment, energy and glow.

Traditional yin can be quite badass with some advanced postures to really wake the physical experience up. But our late-night sessions are deeply restorative with plenty of options to use props. We are conscious that overstretching and hanging out on the threads of fibres that support the structure of our bodies is not good for anyone.

Here, we lean into our edges softly rather than start to create more tension, which ultimately leads to further problems and pain.

Particularly good for anyone overstressed, overworked, tired, anxious or feeling lost, these gentle poses offer opportunities to restore and rest.

Just like in meditation, people often find these practices the hardest to fathom. Initially the mind can be loud and rushed; grasping for the distractions it’s used to and clinging to ideas of how yoga should feel and look. But at some point, the mind calms and the inner landscape opens wide.

We can’t fulfil our truest desires blindly. Everyone needs a reset; time to process all the information flooding through the channels. Our experience of being is more potent when we pause and drop.

When we pause, we can truly see the view. And decide which direction is our true north.

Meditation and restoration are the most nourishing and fulfilling experiences we’ve encountered. Yield is an opportunity for you to gift yourself in a non-traditional sense.

The goal with the late sessions is to clear away the debris of the day, week or month that led you here. Allow you to empty. So you can re-orient yourself to moving more consciously ahead.

The recipe involves letting go, a few specific breath stirs, moments to pause and observation. The yield is nourishing and wholesome. And life suddenly tastes a lot better than it did before.







Keira light