words as weapons

As yoga facilitators, we understand the value and power of words.

You may land on this page and wonder what this video has to do with Yoga, right?!

It highlights a lot of issues that we start to become aware of when we begin to dive into the world of the philosophy of Yoga.

Non-violence, just being, letting go, acceptance, space, connection, relationships, presence, thought; the knowledge that we are connected...all Yogic values in line with Astanga (the 8 limbs or petals of Yoga).

If only we were more aware of just how deep the conditioning has become. Of how blinkered we are.

This video is a small snippet of how words are used as weapons.

As women, we have heard every single one of these sentences.

From familiar and the non-familiar; those close and not-so-close.

These phrases cause confusion.

Words have power.

Let us think before we speak.

Regardless of gender.

Let us realise that what makes this world so special, is the individuality, the light, the freedom and independence gifted to most of us in the free, developed world.

But how free are we, when commercialism and corporations are in charge of what is socially acceptable? What should be considered beautiful, empowering, right, honourable?

This isn't just about girls. It's about all genders, all race, all species.

It's about how, as a society, we deem what is right by the majority, or by favour. And that, beyond all reasoning, it's apparent that this is wrong.

We look out to the sea of internet connectedness, and are filled with fear for anyone young. Right now, the world needs to wake up.

What we need now, more than ever, is Yoga.

Wherever you are, start to question the 'normal' that society has taken for granted. What are the roots for all the judgement?

Just be you.

And give zero shits for all the lies, the BS, the confusion....JUST BE.

Forget what 'they' say, are saying, or said, or are going to say...JUST BE.