The natural progression from January’s intention of ‘Play’ would have been ‘Light’. But it just didn’t resonate with us. Maybe because it’s been such a traumatic past year, but we both felt it couldn’t be Light. Not yet.

We have a method when co-creating or making joint decisions; we’ll write our ideas down individually, so neither of us are influenced by the other. Then we compare. It always transpires that we’re on a similar page, and this month one of us chose ‘unravelling’ and the other ‘unlearning’, which both can interpret to mean similar. So, we went with ‘unlearning’.

We’ve spoken of memes, social conditioning and follow-the-pack tendencies before. The tethers run deep and we are broken very young.

Up to seven years of age, we are micro sponges, absorbing the effects of every word and action in our surrounding environment. Our root energy body is sculpted upon these experiences; so, if you suffer a lack of love as a small child, it’s likely your heart energy will be depleted/misbalanced etc. So much depends on the things we simply have no control over.

And, of course, the work does not pause there. We continue to filter and absorb all our life, pretty much blind to any knowledge that we even have an energetic layering within.

If we purchase a machine or any technology, we’d expect a manual to display the parts and processes, to know how to ‘work’ it and ‘troubleshoot’. Yet we walk about in these bodies; the most intricate containers of knowledge, fluid, mysticism imaginable, with no real clue of the contents. And no idea of how it operates or how to fix the problems.

We’ve grown to rely so heavily on our thoughts, on what’s supposed to be important, that we’ve forgotten how to feel.

And words are insufficient; which is also part of the unlearning process. To forget the labels.

The tree is you, and you are the tree.

Like the names we were given at birth (or maybe later if adopted); they come to represent who we are, we carry them around as identities, through life and beyond. Yet, we did not choose them.

It’s like this with many things; our diet, beliefs, even our consumer choices. Much is influenced from the external world, be that immediate family, friends and loved ones, or society and community at large.

These identities, characters, inclinations, beliefs about the world and our own individual selves are carved before we even get to consciously consider (or ask) where it all came from.

The learnings run deep.

Many feel true and resonate. Others sit awkward and no longer feel of service.

Have you ever wondered at the roots of some of your beliefs or self-patterns? We’ve said it before, but Yoga (any moment where true presence is felt) can be a tricky path to wander. Some of its revelations can be unwarranted.

We begin to see self and the world unblinkered, un-tinted and raw.

And the questions begin to unravel.

There are many angles to ‘unlearning’. And the practice of mindful movement is an auspicious place to start the inquiry of what it means to unlearn.

To realise that ‘being good’ at the practice does not mean being the most bendy, or strongest, or athletic. To see that it is not physical at all; that's such a small part and process, allowing passage to a far greater process. To perceive the misperceptions that you’ve held a long time or even a lifetime. To learn that you can balance, catch yourself when you fall, back off when you listen so deep, know your edges and breathe into presence.

We will get curious about the many routes to unlearning this month. Both on, and beyond the edges.

For each time we move consciously, that has a ripple effect; a little shift. And small shifts (baby steps) practiced repeatedly create a journey of overall transformation.

Let unlearning begin with the notion that Yoga is not limited to your physical practice of yoga shapes. And that such a practice is not limited to a rectangular or circular mat. But, instead, is about being present in all your moments.

And be okay with leaning into what is true to you; not the programmed version of you. But the one deep down, beneath it all.

More to come…stay awake and watch for the signs.

Unlearning. This is our March sankalpa/intention.