the skin we are in

Our skin was never meant to be a barrier between the internal world and what is beyond. This porous micro-membrane is a breathable, living surface that receives and gifts; communicating with the space and the structures that surround us.

Throughout life, we are taught many ways to create a barrier between ourselves and the nature that surrounds us. Which creates an illusion of our being separate from all the things ‘out there’.

There is this idea that ‘I’ am somehow disconnected from all that lives and breathes on our planet.

But this is an illusion.

We are part of all the things. And our physical bodies are small containers or microcosms of the world at large, the macrocosm.

Just as flowers blossom from dense earth, and rains fall from the sky, oceans swell back and slink forth, clouds pass and shift; all this weather, all this movement. So too, in the internal world. Ideas flourish, cells renew from the density and earthiness of bones, tears fall from the globes of our eyes, the breath and fluids move in miracles beneath the skin, thoughts come and go, emotions shift. All this movement. All this miracle.

You are nature.

Try to contain the sky, or define its edge; you can’t. Try to hold back the ocean; stop its rhythms or contain it by barriers; you can’t. Try to pause the weather. You get the picture.

So, do not wonder why you feel lost or confused.

Because your life’s training, to a point or a degree, has been to try to separate and create illusion.

In our seeking to understand the mystifying and unknown, we became small and silent.

Yoga is one form of medicine; to us, the best tasting and most healing kind of medicine, to getting back to you. To realising that the flesh and bone is not an entrapment, but a beautiful way to explore all that exists, in a tiny scoop of marvel.

You are no accident; life is a miracle. And it is never too late to bloom and blossom, to start over or feel and breathe into being more than you’ve been taught or told.

Learn to move with the inquisition and curiosity of seeking the state of exchange. Learn to feel all these inner motions.

And life will lighten up. For you are light; you just need to stop containing it, or understanding it.

Yoga; move into the world with open eyes. Light and bright; with play and patience.