“The ether was assumed to be weightless, transparent, frictionless, undetectable chemically or physically, and literally permeating all matter and space.”

“1. Position (two or more items) at a distance from one another.

2. A continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.

3. The dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.”

Oxford Dictionary

"The space in the heart is as big as the space outside. Heaven and earth are both within it, so also fire and air, the sun and the moon, lightning and the stars. Everything exists within that space in the embodied self—whatever it has or does not have."

Chandogya Upanishad

“This moment in time and space is an eggshell

with an embryo crumpled inside,

soaked in spirit-yolk,

under the wing of Grace,

until it breaks free of mind to become

the song of birds and their breathing.”


This particular theme has weaved its way through our lives and offerings for the past three years plus.

As with previous sankalpa, there are many facets to this subject. And each of our lived experiences will shift the texture of its meaning, forming a different piece of perspective and art.

Space alludes to many things; our physicality, the earthiness and fluidity of what makes up our bodies. The space of our lives; how we choose to use our time, the objects, experiences and learnings we pack into and release from those spaces. The air that surrounds us. The space beyond our atmosphere; into that vast land of light and dark, emptiness and substance.

How we make space and take up space as we travel along life’s journey.

But our particular curiosity this month lies in the space between.

We’re all in the space between birth and death. Every single being on our planet shares these experiences of being born and dying, yet each of us fills the space between uniquely. Some of us are very conscious of the feelings and information we absorb, while others are in the state of sleepwalking or constant dreaming.

There is a sweet pause between every single inhalation and exhalation. With an estimated 23,000 breaths a day there is so much information processed via our mindbody connection and nervous system. Each moment of pause carving our reactions or actions toward our outer experiences, both calm and crazy.

The space between each atom and all they consist of; electrons, neutrons and protons. Essentially, all matter consists of vast space and emptiness is an effervescent dance of movement.

The space between our internal and external felt experiences. How quickly the information is gathered, processed, stored and discarded.

Each breath, gesture, every moment seemingly interconnected, yet strung together by moments of unending space.

Time is one example of how many of us miss or skip the moments between. How often do we find ourselves reflecting back over the past, or looking forward to the future?

It can be like this in movement practices for many too. If you glance upon a sequence of movement it may appear as one separate pose followed by another; warrior two, triangle, half-moon and so on. But life is not experienced like this; every moment of now has a space between, which is yet another moment of now. And they thread together to form a chain on now-ness or presence.

Many people will commit to doing the work of a movement session, only to fill the rest of their day/week/month/year completely dissociated from how they are inhabiting their physical space. Posture, poses and exercises are limited to dedicated timeslots. The moments between are forgotten and lost forever.

Journeys can also be like this; we leave here, anticipating getting there. Often the entire journey toward the destination is unacknowledged, rushed or lost whilst we recall the past or imagine the future.

The space of now is always with us, yet how often are we between here and there; past and future? How often are we present between the moments of time, in now-ness?

As a community and society, most of our now is spent worrying about some other moment. When truthfully, all we need to be is right here, in this moment.

In focusing on some sensation other than the moment between, we waste the opportunity of spaciousness and now or is-ness.

We will never get these moments again.

So, let us embrace every moment, especially the space of us, our surroundings and all our moments.

There is always opportunity to experience some form of space, in each and every moment.

Life lights up when we take moments to exist fully in each aspect of space; especially the moments between.

When we feel into a moment as it is, rather than how we want it to be, acknowledging the space of us on every level, the world opens up. Opportunity expands in all the space, all the directions.

So, our intention for April (especially) through space is to lean into this moment of now, by exploring the physical, energetic and mental states between where we think we are, where we believe we’re heading, and where we actually need to redirect our attention toward.

Live all your moments. Especially the tricky ones.

Play Light.