practical magic

Want to create magic? Need some spells to bring more light, more love and more beauty into your life? Looking to create a spark of creativity, genius or love into your life for 2020?

We're kickstarting the new year with a new Lila Lit (literature to LIGHT you UP) course; 12 weeks of investing a teeny amount of time each day to the rituals that create magic and fire, and set your world alight.

Having studied toward a nutrition diploma, read hundreds of magical books, practiced with some of the world's best yoga practitioners, tried every beauty potion and lotion, trialled most health-conscious practices and spent hours and hours investing in the weird and the wonderful, all in the name of wellness and whole-some living, we now feel brave enough to share these rituals with you!

We have taken our favourite, most potent health tricks and nuggets of education, and created a short, just- skimming-the-surface course. It dives into the practice of creating daily magical rituals which bring true transformation and will lift you up and light you up. So you can consciously create a life of abundance and beauty.

This is a piece of work we are really proud and passionate about. We look at everything; the information we ingest, our beliefs in self, our breath, body and relationships. We truly feel that it's Yoga beyond the edges.

None of practical magic is heavy; this isn't a therapy session and it doesn't require you to look at your past or write a letter to someone you dislike (!); we've done those types of courses and they can be helpful. But this one is about light.

It's rough around the edges, authentic, tried-and-tested and the effects can be insanely positive.

It doesn't require any monetary investment; you won't need to buy much, if anything at all. You don't have to practice at our yogasana offerings or attend our workshops. We'll provide loads of inspirational resources as we go along. It's not about us, though we will be sharing videos and audio with you; it's more about the people and practices that have inspired, moved and raised us up as we have gone about this journey called life. We're basically giving you a peek into our wellness links and rituals.

As it's Lila Lit, we will recommend a few books and have a wealth of suggestions for you to check out. The content will be yours to keep and we hope you'll embrace some of the rituals beyond the 12 weeks we explore together.

Running from mid January to mid April, all you need to invest is about 30 minutes a day, an additional hour a week and if you can, it would be great to meet up regularly too. We're saving the finer details only for those who are genuinely curious about becoming the best version of themselves.

Think you haven't got 30 minutes to spare? If you've got time for social media, or watching TV, or playing video games (!), you HAVE got the time to spare! Waking up 30 minutes earlier is a breeze; it's not like 90 or 120 minutes, okay?! We know! We've got crazy busy lives ourselves and fitting in a yoga practice, a run and preparing nutritious meals seems a chore, but we need to do those rituals to create a whole and happy life.

Take each day as it comes. Don't rush. We guarantee that a week in, and thirty minutes will seem like five minutes. You'll be craving more self-care time! And you'll be creating so much magic in your life. It's so, so worth it!

The extra special part? Our first course is completely FREE! We are offering just 8 spaces and some of these have already been taken. Why free? Because it's our first 'practical magic' and we're keen for your help, by hearing your experiences along the way. We aren't marketing gurus or heavy on the presentation, so the delivery will need finetuning as we go. In addition, we have this inner voice informing us that the participants will help us make it even more potent than we already believe it to be!

We'll be doing every single ritual along the way too. So we will all be in this together. And we've got ways of connection and support set up too, so that the journey won't feel lonely or too difficult.

Curious? Email Keira at or Maia at and we'll send you the full lowdown, so you can make a conscious decision as to whether you want to be part of this wickedly wild and radically revolutionary spell to creating so much magic and light in your life!!

Stay true.

Play light.

Create magic...if you dare!