Play light; method to our madness

Some people just want to get in a room and move.

They don’t want the Sanskrit, philosophy or any mention of a yogic word uttered.

Truthfully, if you are one of those people, then Lilavati sessions probably aren’t for you.

Why do we (as in Keira & Maia) place so much value on interweaving these tenets throughout sessions?

Yet we don’t teach ‘traditional’ shapes or structures, and we encourage free movement and exploration; asking you not to listen to our cues, so much as listening to your inner guides?

Because the language of Yoga has not yet been tarnished by the ideas and conditioning that has been heaped upon other words in the universal languages. Because it has not yet become weighed down by some ‘idea’ of what the word should mean.

Like a magical language or witch, wizard tongue, Sanskrit is pure.

When we utter words like ‘tree’ or ‘side plank’ they are weighty with ideals. They can be compared to other artistry use of them.

Just like ‘ordinary’ language; words like ‘love’, ‘to fly’, ‘heavy’ and ‘narrow’; they have been wielded and crafted; squished into boxes of some expectation or experience crafted from our past or on a presumed future.

To a student who has never practiced physical yoga prior, what difference does it make if they are instructed to take Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog? Neither will make any sense.

So, for us, we’d rather use the untainted, traditional words; ones not yet weighty with presumptions or negativity. Pure and real in their essence.

Words have power.

Pure words bring pure intention into the space.

As for the philosophy…whether you like it or not, Yoga has a history based on warriors, gods, goddesses and Hindu deities. The very symbolism of this art and the creatures or greater powers we seek to emulate in the physical forms/shapes, seeps through their structures.

If you seek to slay demons and remove obstacles from one’s way, then again, we need to use the potent power of imagery and the intention with which they were crafted. By merely mentioning Siva or Sakti, or any other powerful god/dess or mythical entity, it is foretold that we bring them into the room where they are uttered. This is why chanting is so powerful and healing; it’s like creating an energetic portal to the other side and allowing some spark of divinity to touch our soul.

To practice Yoga in its truest sense, but to avoid mentioning any god/dess or Sanskrit word, is like asking an orchestra to create music without the use of any instruments.

These magical words and pathways to the divine, create subtle energetic changes that one can never understand by using the everyday brain. It must be felt and experiences, without prejudice or analysis.

And the reason why we ask you to ignore us in part, or in sections, and to explore free movement and patterns, is to allow you to break free of the shackles and bondage of ‘reality’.

Because the truth is, that our modern-day reality is an illusion.

One built on imaginary wealth (for money truly doesn’t even exist; it is manmade); one fed by commercialism and one that is very much Matrix-style for real.

And when we gather and start to move and create, and listen to ancient words that sound like some unfinished symphony, and we learn of mythology and mysticism, and we create shapes based on nature…

Potent power awakens within.

We coax a beast.

Some may call it ‘kundalini sakti’.

But for us, it’s like THE awakening.

There is no return.

So, if you enter a session, and a facilitator is weaving words you are unfamiliar with, and they are asking that you feel uncomfortable, and maybe you get mad at them…

Know that they are onto something.

For waking up should feel uncomfortable.

Anything less than uncomfortable is an illusion.

You can continue making perfect shapes to good old English names and avoiding any ‘Indian’ or ‘spiritual’ jargon with any ‘classical yoga teacher’.

But…in our humble opinion, having been there and done that many moons ago…that is not Yoga, or awakening, or light-inducing.

That is just creating shapes to get a tight rear, to say one ‘does yoga’. To wear the expensive leggings and drink the chai latte after.

And if that’s what you seek, then this practice; harvesting light and playing, is not for you.

Play light.

Switch the light on.

Get out of your head.