live(stream) with love

We've just returned from a wilderness trip of nearly two weeks in a place with no WiFi and no distractions.

Sometimes, one has to unplug and disconnect. In order to reconnect.

But, the process of downtime helped us to make some seismic decisions about the way forward for the Fall and Winter period.

And we realised that connection can be made virtual, so long as heart and intent are behind it.

So, after well beyond a decade of teaching ‘in real life’ we’ve made the difficult decision to take our rhythms into the virtual world of Zoom.

It’s a challenge for us, because we love to be in real connection with you; breathing the same air, treading the same earth. Shared physical space makes the connection more potent in many ways. The energy is visceral; deep and tangible.

We were overwhelmed by the support we got this summer; truly, to everyone who came…we are indebted to you. We are to all who have ever supported us. Deeply. You’ve given us the opportunity to do what we love, and try to shine light in the world. We feel like the luckiest girls on the planet that we’re able to do what we love.

But, in the UK right now, the rules are changing so fast and it’s all so confusing. We can’t keep changing our offerings to suit government guidelines. And we want to keep everyone safe; not put anyone in harms way.

It’s easier for us to offer all rhythms online from our home to yours, live, in real time.

Aside from the obvious upsides, we’ll all be in our own authentic spaces. In between the walls we name ‘home’, laden with trinkets bound in energies from times past, inspiration, sentiment and comfort.

To enter someone’s home is to step into their world. To be in our space, is when we really ‘be’ ourselves. Home is the place where we drop the masks, the veils, the platitudes, and just BE.

So, really, it makes sense that we practice the most authentic, intimate, highly attuned practices of looking inward, from our own home.

And it doesn’t matter what it looks like. You’ll see, we have very little space, no high technology lighting or equipment.

But, we figure, so long so as what we offer comes straight from the heart, with truth, walls down, then we’ll create connection. From our authentic space. To yours.

Hopefully....we'll see you there xx