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We’ve always loved reading. I (Maia) have devoured whole novels front to back in less than a day. Whereas Keira normally reads slow; chewing over entire sentences, devouring chapters or verses that inspire, allowing them to sink deep and then re-processing the information and questioning whether it sits right with her or not.

There’s a quote by Buddha saying to never trust anything you read. And this re-iterates something my sister has always told me; don’t get weighty with more conditions. Question it all.

Not with head. But with experience of heart and body.

It’s an interesting concept, especially for me as I’d always been studious up until about three years ago. I had a self-imposed condition that I’d read books through to the end, even if I despised them. And I always wrote factual notes in the edges; I had to remember/recite them.

But, recently her words (and those of (supposedly) Buddha) seem to have transpired as truth for me.

Whereas I used to read books and swear blind I was ‘expert’ on a subject and seek to read more and more on the subject/person/religion/theory/place. Now I’m reading with an open mind.

Just because someone’s telling me their version of something, I’m no longer taking it as gospel. I won’t/don’t know something to be true just because it’s written in black and white. There are so many yogic texts out there that I no longer agree with. Yet I used to believe they were truth.

Magazines, newspapers, journals, educational texts…is what we read always the truth?

And I’m not too into reading front to back any more. I like to dip in; read my favourite chapter or section first and dive in out of order, upside down. I don’t re-write sentences in the margins…I now write questions and notes all over the show, scribbled into the corners and margins …constantly reminding myself that just because it’s written, maybe even researched to within an inch of the author’s life, it does not mean it is truth.

It’s all opinion. All subject to change. All perspective.

And it’s all a wonderful way of seeing into another person’s world. But we must not let their opinion sway us from truth.

And that’s the beautiful part of sharing opinion on books; we get to see the parts we missed; we learn new perspectives. We might even learn a whole new way to read.

A whole new way to live.

We learn new ways to be and to move through life.

So, LILA LIT returns with some seriously nourishing subjects. And, different than before; we won’t have read them before.

Every single book will be from a wish list of subjects we (selfishly!) want to learn/unlearn about. All will be non-yoga yoga; about connection, unity, empowerment and how to make a positive difference and a conscious contribution to this beautiful world we are part of.

If possible, we’d recommend that you purchase 2nd hand or direct from your local bookstore. But we know financial constraints sometimes mean that online is a better option. Just do what you can.

So, our revised book club will be a lot more relaxed than they were before.

You don’t have to read cover to cover. Because some parts or places may not inspire you. You might hate the book. Read what you can when you can.

They might not be available on Audible…because some good reads aren’t on it. And because taking time out to single task is VITAL in todays world.

We’re allowing more space between each read…we meet every 6 weeks between each ‘meet up’.

We’re going virtual through winter. And probably beyond.

Join if you can. We’ll be eating our dinner while we meet; you can too.

You don’t need to have practiced yoga with us, or even know us to join. You don’t have to join the meet-ups if you’re busy; we’ll share the book notes with the group by email after.

Lila Lit is for those curious in learning how to re-frame their patterns, how to break some conditions and learn how to be a better, more conscious person; not just absorbing someone else’s words as truth…but learning that your voice and your experience will guide you to determine fact from fiction.

It will be amazing. (But don’t believe that…try it!!)

We can’t wait.

We’ve just received the first book from our local book shop and it’s BEYOND brilliant in all ways. Just saying….

Join if you can. If not, read the book anyway.



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