Light in light-speed

Ways to find the light

5 easy ways to find light right now:

1. Earth; bare feet to earth. Be it floor, carpet; ideally sand, mud, shingle, pavement, shin-deep puddles, sharp twiglet covered forest and iced, cold, damp, frosted sideways. Spend 5 minutes feeling the feet fully move toward, and away from the ground. Pause when you can, especially if the temperature or texture is uncomfortable. This is ‘earthing’; literally feeling the natural magnetism of the planet’s energy rush in and dance with the inner space and rhythms. It’s a sweet reminder that we are nature. Imagine how crazy good life would feel without wearing shoes all the time?! Shoes are a layer to separate us from our natural feelings; ponder that…

2. Breathe. Consciously pour your attention to your breath patterns. The breadth and depth of the inward-rush of air. And the expansiveness and patterns of the exhale. Notice how the breath fills the inner space. And places where you find tension, resistance and shallow, restricted spaces. Can you invite more space? More breath into that place? Bringing fresh perspective to this mechanical flow can change everything.

3. Close your eyes. Reopen them. Really see what you see. It’s said that no one on the planet will receive colours the exact way you see them. How beautiful is that? How much of our literal visionary world do we take for granted? Do you really seek to allow your eyes to absorb it all as much as they can? Do you see patterns and textures as magical? If you really observe and look at something deeply, you’ll notice parts that were hidden before. What do you see? How has it shifted? Explore this a while. Be grateful for the sense of sight. And for all the colours gifted to us.

4. Laughter is light. If you can make someone else laugh deeply and uncontrollably for a while, then you will invite life into both your lives. It is important to get silly and hilarious often. Share a joke, tickle someone, find something funny, think of an event that brings joy and smiles all around.

5. Create. Draw, write, dance, skip, play music, sing. Create for the pure sake of creating. Be unconcerned with the outcome, don’t look to others for approval, drop comparison. Just create. However, wherever, whenever you like. To create and allow your art to pour through, uninhibited; is to create magic. To fall into flow with the inner rhythms is to make light.

Try these light-inducing crafts.

Muse and delight in their magic.

Encourage those around you to create light too.