it's all an illusion

As I wonder where I end and space begins…

When we enter a space, we change it forever

And the space forever changes us

We shift space within a place

As places shift the space within

Our energetic resonations pour into landscapes

We carry places beyond their physical location

Places becomes pieces of the space of us

What was static, shifts

The bound, breaks free

We leave remnants of us wherever we go

As we gather spaces on our journey

Movement is the untainted language of self

A translation of our relation to space

The ways, the distance

The methods we move through the spaces we encounter

How we hold, our tilt and leaning

All stories and spaces gathered since birth

Each distance between, gesture and hold

Body language whole, untethered

Rituals of free expression

Amplifying languages of soul

Unrefined, unrehearsed


Self, space, experience meet

To recall the body whole