Things that lighten and brighten the soul.

To practice in nature is to remember we are nature.

The breath responds to the ocean breeze or the wind through the trees by falling into sync with its rhythm.

Some asana encourage restriction and reveal where we hold on, in or back.

Others open us wide.

The dirt clings to us and brings new awareness to the surface of the skin.

But, ultimately (for us); to practice outside, carries us away to memories of the motherland of Yoga; India.

There are many pictures that remind us; that draw the sounds and smells of Goa into our bones.

But to practice outside?

That is a portal to a plethora of memory, sealed into heart.

String lights twist about tree trunks

Earrings rust within days

Henna seeps into crevices deep beneath skin

Saris floating upon wind

Bangles orchestrate with footsteps

Bowls of cool water, to entice warm feet

Sand grains sink deeply

Brush strokes lengthy on dusty streets

Ocean waves whisper

Overhead fans hum softly

Transparent net softly brushes skin

Open skies

Heavy heat

Colours fill every space

Aromas potent

Brightness and lightness

Bare feet, warm skin, white teeth

Huge hearts and too much heat

I'm Now Deep In Ananda