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Written post-Potion last week.

A note about these sessions; our movement facilitation has not so much been an evolution, as a fully rounded return.

We finally find ourselves sharing our own authentic truth and experience. When we perceived these rhythms, we aimed for them to be ‘next-level’ explorations. Ways of moving for those already with knowledge of the practice of Yoga (even if just physical).

However, now, what we’ve discovered is that they are next-level, but not in the normal ideals. There are no advanced postures, no strong vinyasa-isms. The past months have allowed that armour to fall away.

Most likely as a culmination of isolation, stolen freedoms and insecure times, the armour has been dismantled.

We are no longer playing by anyone else’s rules. All that remains is purity, conscious action and real, true movement with breath.

It’s not advanced as we intended. Yet it has morphed into real-ness, is-ness and a sound reflection of the practices that have helped heal and redefine us for the past two-plus decades.

Our evening practices are becoming the most treasured experience to us. Because it’s rare that we shared our true rhythm; we were always aware they should be Yoga as presented to the masses; some shred of recognisable shapes and containment.

The words that follow rose to surface as a result of Potion last week...unedited, no need for explanation.

For some, they will land. For others, they will not. But can you be prepared to rest in the space between? And bathe in the experience of unknown territory?

For there is the space for new growth. And a shift in perspective.


There can be fluidity in the safety of a known structure.

As the structure/shape can hold us in our exploration of self and sensory experiential existence.

The structure can allow a sense of permission to move, breathe, feel untethered.

Acting as passage for a whole new experience and sensation of be-ing.

So, rather than being restricted or boxed in, we are offered a new outlook. A way to see into all the parts differently.

Fluids do not feel one singular way. They move as different shapes, textures and colours. They mix and merge into a new form. Like watercolours transform in hue. Prepared to shapeshift and slither in new rhythms, speeds and spaces.

Boundaries are not barriers needing to be overcome. Nor are they signs of being trapped. Instead, they provide guidelines for safe exploration and expression. Opportunities for intuition.

The fluid, feeling nature of the body is like a seedling. It takes time to expand and arrive.

All is felt, fathomed and processed in flow.

Edges were meant to be moved and explored with breath.

They offer a place to begin, journey away from, even return to if desired.

When we move like this, leaning into new ways of exploration, we create new felt experiences.

Moving through fluidity, allows us to feel more as we flow through life.


New/old learnt/unlearnt ways to move and feel it all.