be the light...

Now is the time…

Right now, the world has been forced to take a moment to pause. A microscopic, unknown virus has forced people to slow down, to retreat and to reflect. Many have lost loved ones, millions have lost income and so many of us are fearful of what is to come.

Now is the time for all of those who have been practicing finding the light, being the light and sharing the light, to come into action and start sharing the love.

It’s easy to get caught in the rip tides of fear, gossip and scaremongering.

So, what the world needs now, more than ever, is positivity, optimism and an understanding that we don’t rely on the things we can purchase, or the balance of our bank statements, we aren’t our names, ages or occupations. That, in reality, we are nature; we don’t need to understand how or where we came from.

That everything we need is genuinely within.

And that we are one.

For too long we have been riding our own adventures with little knowledge or attention given to the fact that we are one.

With little attention to the ripple effect our actions (and non-actions) have on others near and far.

But now, in this time of great uncertainty, the very best is bought out in people. We’ve all been affected by the virus in some way; be it employment put on hold, people suffering with illness, purchases stalled due to closures or lack of supplies, relatives affected, travel cancelled or postponed, stories of loved ones’ suffering…and on it goes.

And, right now, there is much solidarity. People (ourselves) included don’t care that they missed the trip of a lifetime, or couldn’t get a loaf of bread; they have looked beyond self. We look to China, Italy and Iran and we send blessings. We think of our neighbours and older communities who may suffer greatly at these times due to restricted socialisation and lack of interactions with others. The older generation often look to the radio and TV for companionship and the current news may be filling them with fear and dread.

So, what can those who seek to spread more light actively do in these times?

For us personally, we know that to move with intention and to breathe our fullest breaths, is the best medicine and gifts imaginable. So, we will be sharing free virtual sessions asap (likely starting from Friday).

Other things to consider are:

- Sharing good news and positivity. Yes, it’s important to stay safe and that requires a certain level of information from governments. But we do not need to mindlessly seek out every piece of information available on the coronavirus. Instead, let us gain the necessary information (perhaps by signing up to government updates and local news feeds) and seek out the positive. This makes a huge difference. Seeing the solidarity of communities in Italy and China singing from their balconies, or medics dancing or hugging in between shifts, makes us feel more positive. The energetic shifts of seeing these moments really does help. Sure, it’s not going to cure the world or sadly prevent any loss of life; but it can and really does help. It’s important for everyone that we do not expand states of fear. Let us share the good news more.

- Help where you can; offer to buy and deliver food to those who can’t go out. But extra essentials (money permitting) and donate them to the food bank or deliver them to those that are elderly, poorly or less abled.

- Do not buy more than you need. There will be enough for everyone. Think beyond self and let others be supported by our generosity. To buy twelve packs of anything is not only selfish, but it is wasteful. Even if the supermarkets closed, we could all unite and support one another. There is always a way.

- Dance, sing, get creative, spend time in nature. We say this again and again (and again…) on this little piece of cyber space. When facilitating, we always mention that if it feels uncomfortable and you start becoming conscious of how silly you look, or how others will perceive you, then that’s the moment to go ahead and do the action more! Because in doing so, we break boundaries and create new patterns; new space to grow; new space to pour into and ‘be’.

- Meditate; even if you need to move as you do so. Or download an app (Headspace is a popular one); I think we’ve got some lurking on Soundcloud from about 10 years ago…maybe we’ll seek them out and share them (they, like everything we do, will be rustic!).

- Connect. Reach out to friends, strangers, animals, each other, families, colleagues; tell the whole world you are there for them. If they need someone to talk to, be the space they can reach out to.

- Forgive and forget. Because life is too short and we’ve all been sold nonsense.

- Stay safe; keep following the guidelines, don’t risk others health, be conscientious and get rest if you feel anxious, or have any cold/flu-like symptoms. Let’s think of each other and support one another.

We’ll keep swinging by and leaving thoughts here as and when…but if you need us, we’re here. Just email us or DM us on Instagram….

Love and light.

All ways.

© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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