'an acoustic acclamation to things tiny'

We've always been moved by nature

Murmurations of birds

Waves of ocean

Migration of clouds

Sand grains sweeping

But what of the soundless sounds? The things tiny, beyond our capability of hearing?

For a dive into the world of the miniature sounds, check out 'Short Cuts' episode S25: Miniatures 2/6 from 20:41 onwards* to hear limpets grazing, a grasshopper, hover flies resting, ants chattering and recordings of plants.

Their hum, song, chatter and language

The soundless sounds

Whilst we are incessantly coaxed and drawn by the endless conversation of our thoughts, there is a world of enormity, too small and subtle for us to fathom

Whispers in the background

Yoga beyond the edges

Maybe we can't hear it

But surely we can feel it?

('an acoustic acclamation to things tiny' by Action Pyramid)