2020; Light


Our inspiration or intention for the year ahead is light.

When we were thinking of how we wanted 2020 to feel, we both agreed we wanted it to be light-filled. It’s easy to get down, to feel lost and swamped in darkness. Toward the end of 2019, we both felt spent and we’d gotten a few messages from friends saying that they had lost their way. Then, in January we all got to hear about Australia and the impact of climate change; and this led to more messages and a collective outpouring of feeling sad, at a loss and in the dark about how to change things for the better.

Light is the best kind of word, right? We mean it can conjure up so many beautiful emotions or ideas; lightness of being (as opposed to the heaviness of having to do), light hearted, light and bright, light as in weightless or less-weighted, the sun, stars and moon, reflection off water, a glint in the eye, heat and all the elements that join a light day.

Of course, in spiritual terms, light is what some refer to as god or the source/goddess etc. And it’s what we all seek. This magical element that illuminates the space, dispels the darkness and allows us to feel the wholeness and connectivity of the wider world.

So, this year this our theme. We’ll bind it up in our brunch events, interweave it in our workshops and share all our knowledge we can about light and how to invite lightness in, how to navigate through the darkness to the light, and most importantly how to share the light.

Which brings us to a difficult point, and a kind of ‘truth potion’. Which is that everyone; no matter how rich, successful, beautiful, perfect they may seem, will at some time, and is most likely carrying a vast amount of suffering and trauma.

And that the current world may seem in a huge state of trauma.

The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.

But all is not lost.

We remember when we were little and vegetarian, recycling, travelling by bike or walking everywhere, saving every animal imaginable, gardening and planting trees to create more oxygen, forsaking ‘normal’ cosmetics for weird natural oils and wearing the same set of clothes for days on end…nobody seemed into these rituals. We were looked upon as really strange beings!

Just visit any supermarket now, switch on any radio station; the conversation at least every hour involves some planetary awareness and a call for action.

This is light.

Knowledge is power.

We were vegan for so long and 16 years ago when we started out, there wasn’t one restaurant or café offering any vegan options. Now look; the corner store has plant-based mylks.

People are opening up and sharing about their trauma like never before; we have new therapies, wonderful educational books, podcasts and local groups forming to connect and help one another.

Social media shares ideas, innovations and real-time information quicker than ever.

People are allowed to disagree with our governmental policies; we are able to protest (to some degree) and groups like Extinction Rebellion have bought powerful corporations into question and educated millions of people.

There is light everywhere.

What we’ve come to realise through the science of Yoga is that like attracts like. It’s like when you buy a red Toyota; suddenly you see other red Toyotas driving down the street everywhere you go; do you know that sensation?! Well, it’s like that with light.

The more open wide you can be to the light. The more glitter dust speckles you accumulate, the bigger the impact on self and others; and the more the light is reflected back to you.

Yes; there are times when life is a struggle.

But your ability to believe in, to see the light, to reach out and be the light…that’s what is going to pull you through.

And that is what will heal the world.

Somehow; this is all that Yoga practice teaches.

That you have to be the light.

And believe in it.

Remember your interconnectedness with all that is; all that was; and all that will ever be.

It's all stardust.

Recall it. Especially when you cannot see it.

There have been times (especially recently) when there has been an incredible sense of loss and a fear of becoming lost. But the medicine lies in recalling the light.

We will share so much more on this over the coming months. And we are aiming to be wide open with you about our practice, with many modalities of sharing, exciting events and just getting more of our tiny amount of wisdom on this vast practice, out there.

We’re excited.

The future is bright.

Play Light.