what we say (and don't say) matters

Words have power.

The intention behind the words holds the power.

Recently (after years of teaching) I was beyond blessed to have a seriously amazing teacher mentor me. One of their offerings was to ask me to observe the words I use as I teach. To seek out repetitive words, unnecessary filler words, nonsensical and confusing sentences.

This practice was a wake-up call. On and beyond the magic carpet edges.

So much of what we say has little meaning nowadays.

We speak shallow.

And so much of what we do is conducted on autopilot.

We seek to fill the space of silence with the unnecessary.

Last week I had someone inform me that they know all about me (a mistruth). Based on one small insignificant fact about my past that they happened to fall across. They continued to share their whole opinion on me, and offered advice on situations they have absolutely zero understanding on. Their words were intended to hurt and harm.

There was a time, in my past, when I would have reacted.

But yoga shifts everything.

Observation and patience are yogic practices.

A yoga practitioner seeks to live in a state of non-reactivity.

Light seekers seek action. As opposed to reaction.

So I said nothing.

This silence was bliss. Because the space between their words expanded. And truth revealed itself in between.

Our modern world is good at voicing opinion, offering guidance, being divisive. You only need look at social media and there are a million pieces of 'well intended' advice and words of 'wisdom' offered.

Everyone is so lonely and drowning in their own silence, that we've taken to plastering our social media accounts with all the wisdom on how to get over every little issue we experience.

But the most wisest action one can understand, is that we know nothing about eachother.

Not unless we interact deep with each other.

If only it were that easy.

Here's a piece of advice; NEVER assume you know and understand someone that you have only had shallow interactions with.

Because in this world, words with mean intention, can have serious repercussions for people in vulnerable places.

And we each suffer vulnerability at some point.

Words have power. But only if we allow them.

Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. Especially if your intention is anything other than pure.

We'll share more on this over the next few months. I'm still digesting my recent experience of receiving thoughtless words. But there will be more light to shed on it.

Moral of this story? Choose words wisely.

Words have power. Many have lost their true meaning like 'love' and 'hate', 'empower' and 'real'. Either through overuse or mis-intention.

But, at the root of the root, lies the truth. That words have meaning and power.

And that intention is key.

If someone tries to hurt you with words of mispower, then the most strongest stance you can take, is to be silent. And listen.

Listen to all you feel.

Triggers are our teachers.

And some people are foolish with harmful words.

They are a lesson of how not to be.

Ahimsa (non-violence) involves forgiveness and letting go.

Not an easy path...but then, all the worthwhile journeys are never easy.

Lessons to carry beyond the edges? Choose your words with care and compassion. Don't fill the space with fillers.

Remember; we are all on our journey, with our own backpacks full of heavy memories; oftentimes unconsciously carrying luggage that weighs us down and makes the journey near-impossible.

Lose enough people you care about along the way...and then you'll understand that shallow words have repercussions and can seriously harm.

And don't cause harm unnecessarily. Because life is tough enough. And where's the light and love in that?

Have pure intentions. always.

Tend to your own garden. Let others be what they want.