intuitive eating

If Yoga teaches us anything, it's to be in the moment of 'now', to feel all the feels; no matter how painful, uncomfortable, fearful, or how delicious, sweet and desired.

To feel into the root and the whirlpool of the feeling; each shift, from beginning to seeming end.

Each body is as biologically unique as a snowflake. Crafted through ancestral history, evolutionary weavings and our own personal patterns.

Just as one asana can't be replicated by two bodies, one diet can't fit all.

These bodies are precious. They are our only vehicle for awakening in this present life form. Our only way to sense and move through the experience we call life.

The way we fuel these bodies is precious.

If we're really attuned to what's going on, to how we feel, then there's no way we'd over or under eat. Because the body tells the story of presence in its own language. It's just that we've forgotten how to translate the language of breath into manmade words. The newer form of communication has dampened the sounds of authenticity.

If we were really attuned to the present state, we'd know what serves us in a good way; and understand the things that make us feel caca.

In a time of lack of love, we may seek to fill that space, that 'high' with food. We overeat, get a little heavier, feel a little less light (in more ways than one) to fulfil the absence of love.

But if we were really present, we'd know that modern food is a drug; that sugary high can't last like love can. It lasts a while, then we crash (love can be like this too, but it's a whole lot different), only to reach for the kick again, and again, and again.

In presence, we know how the body reacts.

Sugar is like cannabis. It lights up the brain in the same way. It's addictive and designed to get you craving its high over and over.

But, if you're 'clean' and eating pure foods (unprocessed, organic as much as possible, seasonal, plant based, pure and recognisable as a product of nature) then sugar can taste too sweet.

And the body's way of telling us the stuff is no good? By a deep after-crash.

Same with detoxification; the side effects are a way of the body telling us to not let the body get in that state again.

Intuitive eating is a state of listening to the body and eating when and what it desires. Not the mind. The body.

Of course, like all modern life patterns; our minds have been programmed to overtake the body. So, now the issue is to decipher what was conditioned versus what is natural.

And that's the problem.

We should all be eating intuitively; there doesn't have to be a set pattern of when and what to eat.

But, thanks to centuries of messed up routines, manufactured foods and a plethora of misinformation, now we are all totally messed up. Unsure of which rules to apply. Unaware of what messages are coming through and what they mean.

So we've got to unlearn the teachings/conditions. And unravel all that information back down to sensation.

Information to sensation.

The pathway of Yoga.

Learning how to let go of what we were told and taught.

Becoming untamed.

So the sensations are allowed to flow.

And be felt.

And translated by the body.

Learning the language of the body be recalled.

And that takes time.

But slow is the flow.

Let the world go on and rush.

Let the world fast.

Take your journey/experience slow.

Reduce stimulants; caffeine, sugar

Reduce processed foods

Always carry healthy snacks so you don't deny your body's hunger (from felt self, not thoughts)

Choose foods that are close to their natural state

Ignore the clock and manmade 'meal times'

Feel how it feels when you eat foods; make a food diary and notice what leaves you high, low, anxious or calm

Eat when and how you want to; follow your intuition

Chew slow; taste all the flavours, on and off the mat

Taste with your whole body ;)

Body is boss

Play light