falling...it's like flying

'the asanas are useful maps to explore yourself, but they are not the territory' Donna Farhi

It really isn't about shapes

It's about the space between

That sweet pause between the inhale and exhale

The place between flying and falling

Falling can feel like flying when you know how; a little like falling in love

That place when you're not sure how you're going to land; on easy terrain, or crashing down. But that's all part of the process

And the beautiful part is that the four corners of this magic carpet aka mat, allow us to practice falling over and over

So what was once super freaking scary, is now easy breezy

Let each shape. Each dive. Every corner, angle, curve, sweep, gesture, bind; every single second be a training ground for learning how to laugh and smile at the fearfully impossible

Let each shape lead you to playing light

Who cares if you fall from a balance? Or tremble? That's life coursing through your veins

We are all afraid of falling

But you've got to fall to fly

There was a time when you learnt to walk

Go back to that state; it wasn't like you gave up upon falling the first time

There was a time when you learnt to love

Go back to that state; it wasn't like you thought it was all going to end in disaster

You've got to fall in flow

You've got to know that eventually, no matter how, you'll catch yourself

And in the space in between, fall light or heavy; but feel, breathe and sink into every single delicious moment

This is the training. To learn that falling is scary; but it's all okay

It's all meant to be