• Maia

be moved

Too much emphasis on the external.

Too many practices are teaching us to move from the outside, in.

But the magic and majesty lies in the complete opposite.

The body knows.

Every history, every feeling, every sweet simmer and bitter sting. It's all there; encapsulated in cells like glitter sprinkled to honey.

So what if we learn to move from the inside, out.

To be moved.

As opposed to moving.

An arm unfurling parallel to earth doesn't have to begin from the palm.

It can begin from heart.

Tadasan shouldn't be rigid and forced; tension spreading.

These poses.

The poses of life.

How we move through space, time and gravity.

They need to be danced upon breath.

Sourced from centre.

So the pose is never 'achieved'.

It is ever-evolving.

And the lessons are never 'learnt'.

They are ever revealing.

Like a lotus flower.

We need to push through the muddy water.

Through the unseen.

To not 'look'.

But to 'see'.

What is. With no desire to change it.

Just to let is flow.

Because when we are 'looking' we hold onto an idea of 'should' and 'could', 'can' and 'can't'.

But when we hold ourselves whole.

Soft centred.

Breathing life into this instrument we call body.

When we allow the body to move us.

To flow from centre out.

In all directions.


And only then.

Do we expand beyond the lines that were placed there, unwilling or willingly.

To be moved.

This is what we seek.