stay awake; (un)social media

Social media can be amazing; it can unify us with those far away.

It can inspire the best, most creative ideas or provide us the willpower to create our dreams into reality.

But it can also serve as a distraction.

And as a source for comparison and elevating the voice of the inner critic.

It's a double-edged sword.


It's important to stay close to the things, people, ideas and circles we love the most.

Without social media and the instant access to any information (literally) at the few taps of a button, then maybe people wouldn't be so clued up on the things that matter; extinction of planetary life systems, ways to make a positive difference, education of things that light us up and keeping in contact with like-minded people and light workers.

So, sm serves a purpose.

It can create positive shifts.

But SLEEPINESS and DROWSINESS are to be avoided. Because what we are seeking on this path to enlightenment, to connection, presence and inner bliss and awareness, is AWAKENING, STAYING AWAKE and REMEMBERING.

How many of us go 'online' to 'do' one thing; find a shop, or read a particular article, hook up with a far-away friend, or find some general inspiration, only to find that hours later we've looked at a thousand things, but not really LOOKED or FOUND what we were looking for?

Hours and hours.

Adding up to days-worth, to months-worth.

Pulling our attention out from centre.

To a world that is FAST PACED, COMMERCIAL, obsessed with HOW IT LOOKS, telling us WHAT TO BUY, WHO TO FOLLOW, what to LIKE and so on...



So, how to avoid all this distraction? How to stay INSIDE? Fully alert and aware of all the body's language? Of all the shifts and motions that are here NOW?

One simple way is to UNFOLLOW anything that makes you feel anything less than you are. If there is a site/person/link that causes you to feel lack, judgement, comparison or out of sync, then simply click 'unfollow'. Done. Don't return to it for 2 weeks solid. By then, you'll have forgotten about it. You won't want or need that in your life anymore.

Another is to LIMIT your time spent on certain apps. Download app blockers; some will limit your time on apps like IG, FB and Twitter. Others can place time brackets i.e. you can't access them after 6pm etc. (you choose the parameters). Some apps are brilliant and will block you accessing certain apps altogether. Again; your choice.

Be honest with yourself. If you look at a certain thing and always feel negative waves as a result, let it go. It's just not worth it.

A life spent in comparison, is a life spent missing the point.

You are as unique as they are.

You are meant to be here to shine YOUR light.

Individual as a snowflake or fingerprint.


Treasure it. Honour it by using the precious time you've been gifted, wisely.

There is no place here for wasting time; that is sleepwalking and FORGETTING.

No; here is a space for WAKEFULNESS.