stay awake; toxic gossip

Yoga teaches us we are one. There's a signifiant part of this beautiful science that tells us that we are mirrors for those surrounding us. That our actions, words and thoughts are reflected straight back at us.

That the inner landscape is projected to the outer.

And that everything that happens to us, is a lesson.

Or to put it more succinctly, all is an opportunity for change and transformation.

Especially the tricky, the painful, the uncomfortable and the upsetting.

Remember the discomfort on the mat is an opportunity to shift the resistance? To alter the comfort zones? To widen the edges and embrace the lightness of being?

Well, that's true beyond the edges too.

It's all a lesson.

Every single iota of pain and discomfort eventually teaches us a new path.

A grander way to take up space.

So, a couple of ways to STAY AWAKE...

Do not participate in toxic gossip of any kind. By this we mean don't put others down, do not try to manipulate others or judge. For those people are just trying to be the best they can in that moment. With what they have.

Easy said. Not so easy to put into motion.

We're no saints and we often criticise and judge others (!) especially those purporting to be sharing the light, but appearing to be acting from Ego. But, the truth is that we are all in this together.

Rather than participate in gossip or harmful, negative words and judgements, it's much lighter to wish the other party well and leave them be.

Because gossip is painful. And mind games are toxic.

What we put out there, comes back to us tenfold, if not more.

We are like radio transmitters. You can't see the waves. But they are there. Listen closely enough; tune into yourself and the vibration and frequencies that gossip and mistruths unravel. Then, and only then, will you see that this energy is heavy and harmful.

It's not nourishing to lie.


Tend to your own garden. Don't interfere or involve in the toxicity of bad mouthing others in any way.

PLAYING LIGHT means to let that stuff go.

If someone really offends you, then let them be. You don't need to be their best friend. But words of viciousness and actions that cause pain are NOT YOGIC in any sense.

Does not matter how much someone wishes to cause you harm, you need to let that stuff GO!

Second method; DO NOT take anything personally.

Not the good. Not the bad.

Remain indifferent to it all.

For beneath the waves, there is stillness.

Good waves feel nice, but we can quickly get carried on those crests into the dangerous depths of ego and forgetfulness.

Equally, bad waves might sway toward drowning us into sleepiness.

It's important to know that we can continue. All is as it was.

Before and after the words. Nothing has changed.

And, look, people will never ever always like you. But, if harmful words are received, again just wish them well. Don't take it personally.

Because at the end of it all, words are just words. Intention has power.

If we want to make this world a better place, then you absolutely have to put light and positivity into ALL you do.

If we approach the mat with a feeling of being unable or inadequate to practice in any way, on any level. Then we set this into motion. Everything feels impossible, the breath is lost and we can't find the pathway easefully.


Do not be afraid to be at the r