what we are not

we aren't consistent

we aren't the most reliable

we don't claim to be experts

or have the answers

or even get it 'right'

we aren't textbook

and we don't claim to know everything

we won't deliver down to you

and we won't throw everything at you all at once

we're just human

full of imperfections



jagged around the edges

not pristine

not the best

not even really very good

but we are ourselves

and we expect more of ourselves than you ever could

and we are happy to admit

that we are wrong

and the least educated

the least qualified

because we keep falling asleep

and falling

and failing

and wrecking it all

our getting lost

is our lesson

and our being torn down

by criticism


verbal attacks

and pushing

only makes us learn more

of how not to be

only reveals to us more of the illusion

the universe gifts us lessons

but you need to see with eyes open

you need to be willing to de-robe

to drop all the armour

to feel into the unhappy

the fearful

the unfair

the unfamiliar

you need to be willing to show up


as you are

in your skin

as one

we aren't consistent

we aren't even reliable

but we are real to ourselves

and that is all we can offer