stay awake

Spiritual 'awakening' is one thing.

Staying awake is quite another.

In this world that we live in (the western world), there is an eternal list of distractions. People seek to keep themselves busy non-stop.

Because if we take a moment to pause, maybe we will come to see that all the material gain and busy-ness is not really fulfilling us at all. Maybe we will come to realise that it's actually creating the exact opposite.

The distractions only feed a sense of lack.

Being dragged out of our bodies by working long hours, consuming as many material goods as possible, and generally ignoring all the inner sounds, creates so much disconnect and confusion.

It's all an illusion.

We had already decided that for this month, our Lilavati (play light) sankalpa (intention) would be about diving into the possibility and offerings for staying awake.

Then yesterday, a conversation with a friend gifted us a sign that this is really relevant.

Our friend explained that they feel a sense of existence, rather than living.

Unfortunately for them, as for most of us (ourselves included intermittently); our friend believes that they need to find an external solution. That they need guiding from something outside themselves in order to realign to the path of awareness; to feeling; to acting rather than reacting.

But Yoga teaches us that all we need is within. That everything is exactly as it needs to be.

The language of the body can not be heard if we drown it out with distraction.

The sense of lack and of seeking something 'more' is very real in the current times.

The younger generation are infatuated with distraction. That's why we share snippets of the work of Greta Thunberg; she is a great inspiration for these times. She goes against the grain and is sacrificing much for something she believes in. That is YOGA; connecting with what fulfils and inspires, remembering that we are one and that our collective actions create magic or mayhem.

According to Yoga, we are all one. We personally often wonder whether this sense of lack and state of fear is a result of our disconnect with the planet. Maybe as our home becomes destroyed and we lose millions of species of plant and animal lives, creating chaos with natural eco systems that were in states of balance for millions of years; maybe we sense this loss in our bones/soul/heart. Resonations from a slowly shifting planet.

The sleepy state of distraction and keeping busy, of drowning out the fears and the longing for fulfilment is a tempting state.

It is so much easier to be fooled into a sense of comfort; switch on the tv, listen to the radio, look up the latest celebrity gossip, scroll endless social media, work 60-hour weeks, eat processed junk foods, have a bad relationship, consume more, gain more etc.

All of this 'gain' leading to more loss.

More lack. Because as we disconnect, our soul or instinct yearns to be heard.

The inner music goes to waste.

Hearing the latest celebrity gossip is so much more important to the masses than learning about how a colossal sheet of ice melted 97% in one day this week.

Why? Because the gossip distracts us.

The melting ice sheet makes us feel helpless.

So, let us bury our heads in the tabloids instead and pretend that what's important doesn't really matter.

And yeah; we'll grant you, this is an extreme example. But it's truth.

This month, we'll share some sweet example os possible states of sleepwalking through life. And we'll offer some yogic perspectives on how to shift them.

These include toxic gossip, social media, sleepy states of unhappiness and dis-ease, planetary awareness and a few more.

We aren't encouraging you to make massive seismic shifts overnight. But we are gently nudging you to question everything; even what you read. E V E R Y T H I N G.

So you can make your own artistry that is called your life.

So you no longer paint it by numbers.

Because much of it is an illusion.

And a life existed, is not a life at all.

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