savage:beauty unleashed

We have spent so much time crafting our newest creation and we are beyond excited to share our new 'Coax Beast Within' trinity for 2019: 'SAVAGE:BEAUTY'

These trinities are always designed to create enquiry and curiosity about the deeper meaning of life. They are directly aimed at enticing the inner 'wildness'; or untamed self to awaken. So we move from the state of sleepiness to awakened bliss.

They are about finding ISNESS; this idea of feeling into here and now, regardless of what has gone, and what lies before.

'Savage' - Uncontrolled, untamed, great, ferocious

'Beauty' - The best aspects, pleasurable, in awe

We are so inspired by many creative geniuses who generously unleash their art into the world, setting dreams into motion and reminding us that anything is possible; if only we continue on and strive to be greater than we believed possible. This set of concentrated doses of medicine (aka 'workshops') is dedicated to the souls who were gone too soon.

They departed this world leaving their work to inspire and remind us that life is short, and that no thing can be taken for granted.

All the musicians, artists, designers, actors, yoga facilitators, dancers, photographers, writers, poets who have inspired us, encouraging light to shift from darkness.

Of course, the greatest inspiration any of us can experience is nature itself; the billions of life forms and different expressions of form, material, shape and substance; all slinking through space, time and all pulled to earth by the invisible forces including gravity.

A pool of gold was dipped into and from it were carved numerous amulets; necklaces, earrings, rings; yet, despite all the differences, they are the same material; liquid gold.

We are all STARDUST; these bodies are microcosms of the macrocosm. The skin is a subtle boundary to vastness.

This trio is designed to specifically call in our elemental nature. The workshops are not just long sessions of yogasana; we will attempt to take yoga beyond the edges of the mat. Expect nothing and just arrive fully.

More details here.

Let's create art. And recall that life is art itself.