it's not a pose

how do we know?

because all of the texts that refer to the art of Yoga state that there is more than just asana.

because you can't just hang in a pose and expect to feel liberation/union/connection.

because we've been practicing, refining, falling, exploring this art of being; this art of tweaking the edges, for years and years and years. in ways understood, misunderstood, playful, formal. and we know that it is not a pose.

so why practice all the poses? because they are portals to feeling within; not thinking or applying labels or limits to what is being felt, sensed and experienced.

instead, being allowed the opportunity to forget all we have been taught. and t sink into the space archaic to it all. into what lies beneath.

what is a pose without presence? without breath? with no attention, intention, no reason or aspiration?

is that yoga?

and does a pose have to have those elements poured into it? can anyone just move into a pose and achieve enlightenment? can Donald Trump achieve liberation in ardha chandrasana? is it instant? should we practice it over and over? how many times?

yes, as yoga facilitators it may APPEAR that we are teaching you poses. and we are. but this is the illusion; that all our favourite facilitators are conjuring magic way beyond the simple understanding.

these are not poses. they are ways to move through life.

some will move as a result of the breath.

others will shift the breath.

some will move as a result of life.

others will shift life.

so it's not a pose.

it is way beyond what it seems.