Lightness of being: inspiration; 73 Cows

Here is a beautiful documentary which really moved us.

Someone very brave; taking a path unexpected, to follow their passion, and make a positive difference to the world. Someone who chose to take action for those who can not speak for themselves. And someone who will have created impact on the planet's health.

This was a difficult watch. Don't be fooled; we have been vegetarian since school and were vegan for 17 and 13 years respectively until we moved to Suffolk (now we are vegetarians again; though eat predominantly vegan foods). Veganism was something we were both hugely passionate about and gave us a sense of living our truth. We know the world is connected; in harming our planet, we harm ourselves. In creating pain or fear in others, we create those low-vibration feelings in ourselves.

This documentary has made us reconsider our actions. We'll likely return to veganism; especially as it means making a positive change to animals, to climate change, to the planet. One can make a difference. A little sacrifice and planning is worth the distance.

It's easy to live in ignorance; the lightness of being can be unbearable at times.

But we are all in this together. And we can make positive change.

For ourselves, for each other and for this small miracle planet we call home.

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