• Maia

July; lightness of being: (un)reality check


Keira is forever telling me that we have to be willing to show ourselves whole and be as true as possible. In a world intent on showing up, showing off and just generally shouting in general (!), it's vital that we speak our truth.

This month, our sankalpa (intention) is 'Lightness of being'; more on that in the next few posts.

But, in the meantime, here is an honest account of what happens when I share on Instagram (as this is currently the only SM channel I frequently post to); K: 'I get it. But who are you telling?' M: 'Look, I felt inspired to share. It comes from a deep place within. So I put it out there. Who knows; maybe it will make a difference to one person's life' K: 'Yes. But you're not really sharing insights to your experience; I think you should. Like show what your influences are, who you are, where you learn. Your words are beautiful, but I think people need REAL inspiration. Like what shops you support, the foods you eat, your true opinions' M: 'Okay. But I'm still going to write my thoughts/flow in that meditative state' K: 'Sure. But, Mai (her nickname for me), how many people are really sharing their shit online? Like REALLY? How many are selling? How many are sharing their opinion like it's the only opinion? How many are selfies? Who are you following? Do we really need another post about another pose?'. And so it continues.

So, for July, we're going to experiment and see...we'll use this space to share some interesting links aswell.

If the point is connection, then we might aswell share with you the things we are connected to. In the hope that it makes some difference, somewhere.

And if none of this makes sense...well, just keep checking out our IG page and this online space! Because hopefully, its about to get a teeny bit more real and a whole lot more interesting (hopefully!!!).

To kick things off, here is a beautiful speech which really moved us. It's about a subject that will affect us ALL and it's really our kind of medicine; the non-yoga yoga.