Connection; knowledge is power?

A few things we intentionally choose not to include on our webspace:


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The words 'advanced' in relation to us

'Knowledge is power' is a popular phrase and it's easy to see believe the hype in this day and age. But one thing we wholeheartedly believe is that when you start to believe your own hype, it can be a bit of a downward spiral.

Ego is the source of the illusive separateness. It is the small non-capitalised 'I' that leads people to believe that they are separate from others. Ego finds refuge through self-gratification, vanity, self-pampering and a belief that we are somehow not connected to others, or nature. This is just one element of Ego.

Ego is a crafty shapeshifter and it's sometimes difficult to see when we are playing the 'name fame game' or attention seeking.

Over all the years we ave been practicing and learning this art of being, we have always had each other to rely on pulling ourselves back in to truth, especially when the pride of ego has filled our soul. There have been many times when I've felt like I've achieved a goal or had a dream opportunity. And sometimes as a result, I've acted from Ego; maybe I negated a friend's experience by believing my own to be more superior, or I wouldn't budge on an opinion based on my own experience. This crops up a lot in the world of yoga; this is the 'correct alignment'; this is how the pose 'should' look, or how it should be cued. We've both had our fair share of criticism, especially from studio owners who maybe don't agree with our delivery of the craft.

And the truth is we are all on our own path. Our own journey. And we will all run into criticism aswell as praise.

The truth is that nothing really matters. Any opinion is just that.

Yoga means 'connection' and in the current state of this art, there is a lot of competition, confusion and commercialism which all shift it slightly from being really authentic and felt, to something a little off and maybe a bit insincere.

Knowledge is power. But just like scientific evidence isn't a given 'fact'; it's just the best and most validated likelihood at present, until something else comes along to throw it all out and mix it up entirely; knowledge is our most valid belief. And it doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong.

Having some confidence and knowledge behind your offerings is vital. Because it gives you the confidence to do what you are doing. But always remember that it's just your truth.

And always ask; is this true to my depths? Does this resonate with me so completely?

We could paste a few testimonials on our site, but is that experience going to resonate with everyone else? Is one person's truth going to match another? Hmm, we aren't so sure.

The most important knowledge any of us can carry is that we are all just doing the best we can, with the circumstances we are given.

And that should be enough.

Connection is the advancement. That's the state that is going to change the world. All this showing off, hyping ourselves up; making others feel insignificant or like they got it 'wrong' is disconnect. It's what's wrong with the world right now.

We only need look to some of the world's leaders right now to see that Ego can gain power. But it's not unifying. It's not soul-full.

Just catch yourself when you are hyping yourself up. Are you doing it to make others feel small? If so, know it can be changed.

We are all in this together.

Be light.