There is a part of us all that yearns for deep connection.

In my Yoga practice over the years, I always sought more connection to self. Be it breath, movement, yogic practices or philosophy, I was always kind of seeking out more connection to the inner space, and a quietening, or disconnect from the outer space.

And that is part of my practice still to this day.

Relocating rom a huge city and a full-on job, to a small hut by the ocean and forest, in the middle of nowhere was part of the process; and allowed a softening of the layers for sure.

I needed to reconnect to nature. I needed to soften.

We cannot explore into the depths without space and softness.

Recently, I have been gifted with some truly inspirational, heart filling interactions. Experiences so precious to me that words could never express my gratitude or affection for them.

And I found a new tenet to the practice as a result. The practice of reaching out and connecting to others.

So much synchronicity has occurred over the last few months. And the interconnecting theme is connection to others.

When we want to say something, but we feel hesitant and resist, all that unravels from the unspoken words is a deep heaviness.

The deepest things sink the heaviest.

We meet someone who lights up our world in ways we find difficult to comprehend, yet we hold back from telling them. All the gestures; small and immense, just sit; unspoken. To sink and invite heaviness.

We look back, upon the moment passed, and we wonder why we hadn’t expressed our truth.

Even if there is no response, or it is different from that we desire; surely, being rooted in self and connected the now means that we should be able to speak our truth without judgement, without hesitation.

The pain of losing someone and words unsaid; spoken. Sometimes, it takes the grief of losing someone for us to look back in wonder as to how became so caught up in the patterns of headspace and inner critic, that we didn’t feel it important enough to say what we really wanted.

Kindness and compassion involves the act of gently allowing ourselves to sit with, and express all that flows through, with deeper trust and clarity and far less judgement.

Words that pour to paper aren’t enough; for they fade with time. Sometimes actions; often words; all these gestures can be offered freely, trusting that to feel it means there’s truth there.

Head and heart are intertwined. Ego is an element of the mind that creates this feeling of separation; ego can shape shift and lead us away from truth. It coaxes us to fearful states of holding back and dimming our light; our inner rhythm.

So much conditioning in this world. And all the rules sink deep; the human feelings of shame, heartbreak, fear, anger and the resonations of hurtful experiences. We have unconsciously been trained to label all these sensations and act out in certain patterns when they occur.

So often we leave words unsaid and we don’t reach out when we need to the most.

But connecting to others is a portal for connecting to self.

As yoga facilitators, we are gifted in bearing witness to the process of people’s self-inflicted and conditioned boundaries beginning to melt and fade. In the space of yogic practice, connections naturally occur as the torus fields expand and interweave. To us, this is sacred space where there is no room for negativity or harsh words; here is where we just allow and invite more and more space. An emptying so that the universe can rush in.

But sometimes the Yoga practice is difficult to remember. And we return to the fear-based state when not focussed on the yoga practice.

So how to stay true?

I’ve been gifted all these methods for getting grounded and for immense expansion of being. Especially recently. I am grateful for so much, even in a time of complete heaviness. I had a lightworker catch me and radiate healing energy.

So, here is a new lesson to consider and be curious about. What about if you don’t have to do it alone? What if you can reach out and look to others to be your guide?

Next time you feel words rise up glittered by hesitancy and fear, take a breath (a little deep one; not rushed ;) ) and just let the words free. Don’t be concerned with the response. Don’t play out how it’s going to land and what will follow. Just feel into how it feels to release the words like birds from a cage.

That’s all.

A simple practice.

But like all the best things in life; simple is profound.

Next time you think of a friend and you wish they were nearer, or you could see them or hear from them, reach out. Send them a message. Make some contact.

Don’t hold back.

This fear-based state can not be undone unless you keep making small steps to un-do it.

These little things add up over time.