• Maia


Not so long ago, I took this blog down. It felt overexposed, raw and maybe a little self-indulgent.

But recently I have had dear friends remind me that connection is really vital. And that falling apart is a form of falling together. That if it FEELS right, then follow that urge, rather than thinking too much.

Too much of society teaches us to shut down, to be small, fearful, hesitant, yes? So much of what I share in these pages reflects that.

Just recently I have been suffering. But it's important to share these experiences. Not for self-indulgence, or attention. Just because it's truth.

Yoga isn't all light. Heaviness and light are two parts of the same flavour. One invites the other. They merge as one river, one flavour, one sensation.

I posted the following on our IG account, but then noticed that one of my friends had posted something similar a week ago, but far more eloquently. Fear made me take it down.

So here it is. Exposed for all to see.

No shame. No fear. Only truth. Wide open and raw...


one sweet moment of wakefulness. changes every thing

yoga; the un easy path. revealing all the sleepiness, all the ignoration

in the dis-ease of more, this stripping down, de-masking, unveiling, can feel like things are falling apart

but wave crests fall, only to rise once more

inner. outer. waves

rise, fall, gather, separate

all the while, connecting to the inner rhythms

in connecting within, we can reach to connect to others. we are one. no mater

sky and sea seem separate, yet clouds fall to become ocean and bodies of water rise to become clouds

all oceanic lessons; rise, fall, soar, sink. glimpses of uncatchable light; flickers of truth to appear and disappear

yes, we may fall apart or sink. but trust the cycle. trust the rhythm and listen

listen in

falling to pieces is cyclical; is nature

and these words float in a vast cyber space. Often I wonder why and to whom are you sharing? But, who knows? These words may touch a soul, strike a sound. Maybe. Just falling in, listening in....trusting...more.