Confusion To Clarity

This is what Yoga is. The space where the mist of material madness and ego start to clear. And you see a whole lot clearer.

Think about every act you ever regretted? Unsaid words, unresolved issues, unfulfilled dreams. Most of them will have been borne out of misalignment.

Misalignment with the inner intuition; before all the conditioning of the mind about what is ‘real’ and what is not.

We see around us a world that is crazy. A world that has become infatuated with technology, material gain and more disconnect from nature. A world that is obsessed with ideas based on conditions we believe to be true.

It seems sometimes that people forget that miracles can and do exist.

That love is the greatest cure.

That we are all interconnected with eachother and everything around us.

That in destroying the planet; be it through waste, use of plastic, killing animals, polluting our seas, hurting other humans, destroying land; whatever. That in destroying our planet, we are destroying ourselves.

Yoga changes everything.

There comes a point where you start to find it difficult to continue working in a mundane job, or be in an unfulfilling marriage, or stuck in a life that was determined for you, rather than by you.

You begin to question everything.

And you begin to understand that the ‘truth’ you believed is in fact a lie.

When we re-align, when we get back ‘online’ with our natural rhythms, we see that life is a miracle.

That our time here is short.

And that words unsaid and actions unfulfilled are futile.

Does it really matter what others think of us? Do we really care if our lives appear to be ‘polished’ and ‘clear’, ‘on path’?

What will all that mean when we are lying on our death bed?

Yoga is such a deeply transformative practice. It takes us out of this fake clarity, through a lot of confusion and dissolution, into a true clarity.

And once tasted, the practice of Yoga can not be surrendered.

The only difference between a dreamer and an achiever is that the achiever believed in their dreams.

We’ve said it before. But you could do with a reality check. You are here, floating on a planet spinning in space, surrounded by millions of other galaxies and who else knows what. Your time here is short.

If you have a dream, go get it.

If you love someone, go tell them.

The only hope we all have is to love more. Eachother. Other beings. The earth. Every thing.

Yoga is like music.

It is the language of the soul; you need not know the name of a pose, or its origin; you don’t need a lesson or moral to be taught here. You just need to experience it. To embody it. To let it envelope your entire being.

The clarity is this; that your truth may be a lie.

That in order to heal, we need to reconnect.

That in this world of going ‘online’, all we are perfecting is the skill of more disconnect.

We are rough cut diamonds. We don’t want to be shiny and pure. We want to be part of the greater picture. To be real.

To be whole. To be wild.

Think on that.

Even better…feel on it.




And dare to care to change the world. Beginning with your own perspective.

The way in? yoga