Polish Those Edges

Want to smooth away some of the edges? Then you’ve got to breathe deeper. Sink a little more. Don’t hold back.

When practicing the physical aspects of Yoga, even Tadasana (mountain pose) should feel intense. There should be a steady balance of engagement and effortlessness. Certain parts of the body should be ignited, whilst others should be let go.

This activation allows the energy lines within to become fired up, flooded with prana (vital life energy) and surging with new spirit.

A practitioner recently attended a Henham event we were honoured to be part of; she was pretty new to yoga and was the only one in the room. We congratulated her. For she will not have picked up the habits and become a yoga-bot.

Look, alignment is really key. Anatomy is crucial. But yogasana is not meant to be performed like a robot. It’s like making love; you don’t get into the art of yoga and practice from your head. Yes; the brain has to be involved. But actually, it’s your perception that needs to be sharp. How in tune are you with what is occurring within? Because that’s the tool that will prevent injury; hearing the inner shifts; they’re the sounds that will create magic.

If you understand the mechanics of your own individual body and you can hear when the body is letting go; then you are onto a winner.

Make no mistake; yogasana can become full of bad habits. If you practice physically almost every day, be aware of how you are forming the shapes. Be aware of what is nourishing. And what is not.

This month we are playing (light) with new nuances; flickers of movements, ways to pour breath in a little more consciously.

The breath shifts the edges within. It polishes those externally.

Do yourself a huge favour and learn to play. Have fun with it.

Yoga is an extremely strong practice that causes seismic soul shifts. So, it’s best taken with a whole heap of light; positivity, encouragement, unity and a magical sense of unsheathing; de-layering.

We don’t want to be shiny, perfect diamonds; clear and cut into a certain shape. Bound into a band of gold. Like, we don’t want to be conformed, conditioned, aesthetically pleasing.

We want to be raw, rough, edgy, vibey and worth a whole lot more whole.

This month, we embrace the rough; and we are WILD.

We encourage you to be too.