Rough Cut Diamonds

That’s us!

We’ve been feeling more and more inclined to point out and I guess, to truly embrace our roughness! We used to always use a theme based on the sutras, or Upanishads or a mantra; anything that ‘genuinely’ could be linked back to Yoga. But, actually, this year, it’s been really liberating to see how Yoga is for us these days. We aren’t talking shapes or sequences. We’re talking Yoga as in the flow of life; the glorious peaks and falls of it all. The real parts. The parts not shared on IG, FB or any other (un)social media outlet.

And, of course, the personal parts.

You see, we are rough cut diamonds. Like, everyone is a diamond; stellar; stardust. When compressed, we shine bright. Life polishes the edges; maybe smooths us out and makes us forget that we started out as a lump of rock; a lot of the world have fallen in love with the aesthetics. ‘Look at my shiny clothes’ ‘Look how much I can charge my clients’ ‘Look what I can do’ ‘Check out my qualification’ ‘I know more than you’. And do you know what we really want to say? 'Well, hello there ego'.

We’ve done it too. It’s good to fall for your own hype sometimes. But we need a reality check every now and then. So, this month is our reality check. Satya; truth. Avidya; seeing through the BS fog that’s clouded the mirror.

Just two girls who many years ago were waitresses ‘slash’ (because there’s always a ‘slash’ when you’re a waitress) moonlighting yoga teachers. We earned so little money, but every single spare pound was spent in the London centres on yoga classes. We would rock up in our Primark gear and sign up to the community classes and buy passes all over town. Thirsty for more. We’d revel at the likes of the beauty concocted by so many teachers and gurus.

We recall our first yoga teacher trainings; after what seemed like forever of practicing, though in reality it was short (and maybe too soon) at around 10 and 5 years respectively, we were in rooms full of lawyers, actresses and high-powered, high-flying teacher trainees. We felt massively out of our league. But our teacher, Claire Missingham had all the faith in us both (as we separately trained with her in different years), and her faith gave us wings to believe in an Aladdin-style fairytale. Where it didn’t matter what clothing you wore, how much money you had in the bank, how many qualifications or any material gain; all that mattered was your love of the practice. And a deep longing to authentically sing the music from our own inner song sheet.

Rough cut diamonds. We may not wear the best, most luxurious gear, we may not teach the most refined and skilled practice (there’s so much to get into an hour set, right?!), but we absolutely heart-fully, unreservedly promise you that we will always deliver our most authentic form of our Lilavati yogasana and other yoga methods into every single session we facilitate.

Being a little rough around the edges and delivering sequences, breath, intention and monthly focuses that seem unrefined is what we are all about.

We can’t pretend to be anything other than ourselves.

And we are proud to be on this journey. Where we learn with you. We mean it; truly; you are our teachers.

So, here is our version of what it means to be us, and what we mean by being rough cut:

Maia: jagged around the edges, not too polished, practiced but not perfected, art in motion, no logic but lots of intuition, free flow, dancing, pouring into the vessel that is your body.

Keira: not polished, earthy, broken, cracked, ever-evolving, reflective, luminous, stardust, shining yet shadow.

So, what does that mean for this month’s practices? Lots of authenticity; much intuition, chipping away at the ego, not being ‘fluffy’; being truthful. It just means more of us doing ‘us’.

And, it isn’t about us.

One can make the difference. It’s a ripple effect; we’ll embrace our rawness and our lack of polished shine; and you may be able to do the same too.

Now there’s a novel idea; people keeping it real.

And remembering Yoga is the pathway away from ego.

Love and much light,

K & M x