February; Feather Heart; a story

The ancient Egyptians practiced yogasana.

They were a deeply spiritual people with a great love and inquisitiveness for nature. They believed the sun was a ball of fire pulled along sky by the Sun-god Ra. And the evening light reflected by the moon was the goddess, Nut.

They also believed that in order to enter the paradise of afterlife, one's heart must weigh less than a feather. Anubis would weigh the heart in a scale against the feather of Ma'at; the goddess of justice.

How beautiful this is.

Yoga, too, is a philosophy centred on lightness. It's a constant practice (abhyasa) of cleansing. Every thought, feeling, experience, situation and circumstance must be released, no sooner than it has been experienced.

Life must flow through.

Optimum health is when all is allowed to flow through; no holding anywhere. The food can move freely through the body, being digested and metabolised. The waste can flow freely, taking toxins.

Mental health is like this also. No thing is held onto. For when we hold on, we become stuck, heavy and inert. Depression is low frequency. You have to get light in order to fly high to happy.

Yogasana, meditation, breath; all of it. Just rituals to cleanse and clean.

Sweeping the dust.

Polishing the mirror.

Clearing space.

Lightning the load.

So our hearts become feather light.

We all know how it feels to be heart heavy with hurt or exhaustion. We know those wounds can run deep.

And, hopefully, we know how it feels when the heart feels as though it can fly.

What we seek this month is to find space in our hearts. To heal any hurts. To encourage a lightness of being. Even if it is not initially easy (and the most rewarding journeys never are) and a little bit of trickery is required, we can fool the heart into believing it is light.

This month we host a tiny day re:treat focusing completely on the heart energy. February is obviously all about the lovers in the Western world. But you can not truly give what you do not truly have. So this re:treat is all about selfless self-love. Light and feathers will abound.

We will be focusing on self-love rituals of grace, light. All February's sessions will involve heart elements; be it activating the heart meridian, feeling into posture more or visualisations of love.

Love is the second best tonic on the planet (second, that is to yoga!).

It makes us feel like anything is possible. But heart energy and love can be for many things. To see a beautiful landscape can be deeply heart nourishing. So, we will be looking at the realm of heart a little deeper this month.

We've said it before, but yogis practice constant devotion. Yogis believe that upon dying, they traverse directly to the place they were thinking of upon death. So, an act of constant devotion to the highest powers (whatever and however that may be for you) is a sure-fire way to ensure a higher presence when we leave these bodies.

A bit like the ancient Egyptians; if we can dedicate our life with purpose and see beauty and stories all about us. If we have this constant dedication to lightness and feathers, then we will constantly be walking in the realm of the light.

And the weight of our heart will allow us passage into the gardens of afterlife.

So we can fly on.

Into the light.

Light heart.

Feather heart.


Ray of.

Feather Heart.