The Fool; beyond the edges

How to embrace the playful mischievousness and carefree attitude of the fool?

Easy. Take your head out of the equation.

The sea reflects the sky. When winds whip along the surface, waves are stirred. A blue sky is reflected in a crystalline ocean. Clouds scatter like snowflakes on ocean drops.

Likewise the energy body reflects the mind body. Your attitude can be coaxed in a new direction with a pure intention.

So when seeking the state of The Fool, you need to first create some shifts in attitude. Adopting a way that may not seem natural. But believing it to be so.

You want to adventure? But are worried about all the commitments, dependents, chores and giving something up in order to go elsewhere? That's cool. It's completely natural to feel that way. But for now, just imagine you are on the adventure already. Imagine you are okay with exactly where you are. Adopt an attitude of calm. Really dig deep to get to the root of the problem, and you'll quickly realise there is no problem. But plenty of excuses.

To channel The Fool you need to:

- Travel light. Releasing what is no longer of service. Letting emotional, physical and psychological baggage be left on the path.

- Don't look back. Look in. All the answers lie there.

- Don't give yourself time to judge. Let instinct guide you.

- Feel the fear and do it anyway. Because fear is a great catalyst for transformation. And you have only labelled it as 'fear'. Change that word; use 'excited' or 'curious' instead.

- Don't care about what others think or perceive of you. Their judgements reflect on them, not you.

- Choose all the things that are fun and make you smile.

- Find the edge. Push yourself further than you think possible. Feel into the discomfort and relabel it. Get playfully curious about life and re-learn all you've been socially and personally conditioned to believe were your 'boundaries'.

- Try new paths, new hobbies, habits. Be they radical or small. Tiny shifts lead to an eventual overhaul.

- See colour where there once was black and white. When you hear yourself predicting or judging, dive into the root of that assumption. Remember, The Fool may be considered a clown, but s/he is the knowledgeable one. The quiet observer, So, be like this with yourself. Notice. It could be simple like you haven't eaten olives for years because you didn't like them last time you ate one. Well, how about trying some now anyway? Small little leans into exploring all the intricate 'likes' and 'dislikes' make life an adventure.. Even on an ordinary '9 to 5' day, life can become technicolour when you begin to look deeper. At everything. Including self.

The Fool; constantly seeking new adventures. Without having to travel far.