The Fool; On The Mat

Elevate your practice by feeling into and leaping into 'the burn'.

Yoga is not meant to be feeling-less. It shouldn't be comfortable.

Seek out your edge. Let the breath pull you deeper. Watch the edges shift.

A gentle discomfort? Now you're moving all the junk that holds you back, weighs you down.

The Fool cares not what others think. You have to feel, see and be as you want to be. Visualise yourself as if you are looking 'on' in an out-of-body experience.

Imagine you are as you want to be.

And you will create it.

There is no 'end pose'; a point or posture to be achieved. Like '0' these shapes have no beginning and no end. They are breathing entities; living art. Each weaving to the next.

Go light on self.

Don't compare.

No exams here. Find the effortless space. Become an explorer.

Pour light and step lightly.

Tread the landscape of the inner desert and watch the footsteps disappear with the wind of the breath.

Seek the spaces that need more life. Sprinkle it there.

Coax the tension into expansiveness.

Become alive.

Adapt the attitude of The Fool.

No concerns for the 'next'. Just now.

Ready to fly.

Willing to fall.