The Fool; where to?

What is your heart speaking? What wildness is being suppressed? What talents or dreams are being quietened?

Can you be brave enough to expose yourself? Even just to yourself?

Fear versus fortitude. So often we run away from the things that fulfill us, due to some deep-rooted fear that we will lose them, or not get it right.

Sometimes people find it easier to stay unhappily comfortable.

For, to stray into unknown territories can be scary. What if our dreams don't work out? What if we can't make it? If the net doesn't appear? And we crash. Will we be ridiculed, labelled a failure?

Surely the adventure is worth it? An adventure doesn't even have to involve travel. Just baby steps; one foot in front of the next. After all, you have the miracle of life; the unfathomable, inexplicable gift of being here, now; against all the odds, living on a planet, spinning in the middle of space.

You are infinite. Just breathe. Somewhere in that breath is a wealth of power. Just believe.

Imagine you are all you wish to be. The journey isn't 'to' a destination. It's about realising this is the journey. Your life will come to an end. And life is to be lived.

Have a dream? Follow it.

The edge is scary; that place where fear and fortitude is clear-cut. Just leap with trust. Journey to now. Not tomorrow. This is the moment.

Draw, dance, create, fell, breathe, visualise; whatever your dreams are, catch them now. Do any small thing that gets you a micro millimeter closer.

The Fool travels light. No maps. No tour guide. No heavy suitcase.

Heavy wings don't fly so high.

Travel light. Make your own route.

Follow your instinct.