January; The Fool

The Fool. Card '0' in the major arcana of the Tarot. Traditionally depicted as a figure about to walk off the edge of a cliff. Not paying attention, or not caring.

The fool is the jester of the court; an entertainer. Laughed at. Ridiculed. But s/he is the smart one; for the ruler values and trusts the jester's opinion. They are the smart one.

Not settling for a life of second-rate comfort, the fool gets to live in the palace grounds, yet doesn't have to play by the rules of the majority.

Number zero '0' has no beginning and no end. It flows; the end point unfathomable. A continuous cycle. Non-beginning, ever-flowing.

To step beyond the edge.

Take a leap of faith.

Blindly or willingly.

To trust that you can jump. And the net will appear.

To not look in the direction the masses are headed. But, instead, be guided by heart.

Walk your own path. To your own beat. And care not how others perceive that path to be. For the fool is wisest of them all.

Adventure calls. Life will fill your lungs as you fall to fly; following the call of your own inner rhythm.

Beat of your own drum.

The fool is the one who truly laughs. For they know that everyone else got it wrong. Creature comforts and a safe path to a sensible conclusion is soul-less. The dilution of passion by the addiction to distraction and the numbing out of the immensity of feeling within, is a passive path.

They know the 'journey' begins and ends in the same location. Material is immaterial.

Here is where the unknown pulls you. Are you willing to flow into the unknown? Not walking. Instead, LEAPing. No hesitation.

Embrace all there is.

Our intention for 2019 is to find seismic soul shifts; the fool is the guide to pull us into the unknown. Holding our hand as we fall to fly. Following heart over head. Taking blind leaps of faith, and being okay if it goes against the grain, okay if we are ridiculed. Because there is no 'failure'; its all experience. It's all play.

This month is about setting the highest intentions and putting every single dream into motion. Not waiting for adventure or dreams to knock on the door. Chasing all the flavours.

Awaken. Pulsate to the heart beat; that is wisdom.

Sleep no more.

Find the edge. And shift it.

Edge after edge after edge.....one foot in front of the other.....