• Maia

Fire Flow; Truth Potion

So, last year our overall intention at Lilavati was PRESENCE. Because, of course, presence is THE present/gift.

This year, that transforms to SACRED SHIFTS for 2019. We've written a lot about how our 'why' is more important that the 'what'. And this year is really, for us, about amplifying our 'why' and letting that guide us. We aren't prepared to shy away from the values that mean a lot to us.

Fear has much to answer for.

Last month, I (Maia) was presented with a photo of myself and I wanted to shut myself away. Over the past year I have gained quite a lot of physical weight. I knew this anyway as I could no longer fit into my size 10 jeans! But there is great beauty in the power of denial, and I'd just put it down to things like pms, water retention or my clothes shrinking! Anything to avoid the truth.

I've written about this too; but let me re-iterate, I don't care what size I am. But what I do care about is how I feel in my body. Lately, in session I've been running out of breath, I can feel my excess weight wobbling about and I am struggling to look in the mirror. I feel hefty, slow and lethargic. I no longer feel fit. I can't jog for more than 20 minutes and my body is literally feeling the weight.

Some could argue I wasn't being present as the weight piled on; but I think that's space for another article. What I will say is that exhaustion is a portal for negativity and some of our 2019 focus will be targeting how to avoid exhaustion.

Right now, my experience of being in my physical body is telling me that I am not in optimum health right now.

This body is my mode of transport for the beautiful experience I have called life. I want this body to carry me on for as many years as possible; I can't consume enough sunrises, sunsets, moon rise and falls, sea shifts and landscapes, cuddles with my dog, connection with friends, breath pours; succinctly, I wish to be here for as long as humanly possible.

And that means I need to be honest with myself.

My body is struggling with the excess.

And I love my body. I am proud to say that even as I type here and there are about 6 inches of excess fat pooling over my waistband, I love this body. I thank it each and every moment for supporting and carrying me. For letting my soul soar with all the experiences I absorb.

But I need to practice ahimsa; non-harming, and love.

I need to shed the stuff that no longer serves me; and that means I need to shed some extra insulation distributed about my body!

And I intend to do this by a few ways:

- Eating more intentionally; less sugar (even when I'm tired)

- Mantra; 'I am healthy and honour my body as a temple'

- Movement

- Self love

So, this year, Keira and I will be sharing a lot of recipes and advice on self-care; not specifically aimed at weight-loss, but at raising the vibration and feeling FULL ON.

As part of my journey, though, I will be sharing a new flow; FIRE FLOW at Mint will not be our average practice. This session is specifically aimed at high-level fitness flows. There will be pulsations and elements of (dare-i-say-it) high-level intensity flows. Co-created with Keira, the sessions will specifically focus on sculpting and toning target areas including core, seat, arms, back and legs. Repetition and variations on shapes will weave with the breath.

These sessions are fun, on fire and will be where we share our tips and tricks for a faster-paced, energy burning practice. They will be of benefit to everyone; but I feel like they need a small disclaimer as they will be quite different from our usual offerings.

I personally will be integrating these practices as part of my daily rituals and I hope to share my personal truths with you.

Our 'why' is to help elevate the collective consciousness by even just a micro-shift, one person at a time. And this shift begins with us.

The things that matter to us most are our dog, our health and the connections we create along the way; with people, places, experiences and moments.

We fully intend on bringing authenticity into all our posture potions.