Seismic Soul Shifts; 2019

We welcome in the new year with a focus on 'Seismic Soul Shifts'.

Calling in enormous heart-expanding, soul-elevating transformation based on FEELING rather than thinking.

Heart over head.

Each workshop, monthly intention, session and event will be guided from this intention.

It begins with 'The Fool' in January; better to play your own music, regardless of what those around you may think or interpret the tunes to mean. As long as you follow your truest, highest callings, all will radiate light.

'hot tox' on jan 12th (see our 'events' tab) follows this theme by allowing a great letting go to occur. We focus on creating space and ridding toxicity on all levels. You can't welcome shifts without making space first.

'feather heart' on feb 16th (see our 'events tab) continues with expanding the heart energy so we can hear the heart truth, and get to the centre of everything. Allowing positivity to expand unhindered.

Wishing you seismic soul shifts ahead. Stay true. Be you.