• Maia

Gifted; gift yourself self-care

Non-Negotiable Self Care Rituals

London; where the diverse commune to live, celebrate and practice together. My root home, and I travelled there for some training not so long ago. Here is where I used to play; Boris biking all over town to drink in the sights, sounds and unfurl on and beyond the mat.

But I was exhausted by it and got quite poorly when I returned. Running on empty.

The signs were there; aching body, fever, scattered focus, lack of attention and craving sugars of any kind.

My body was asking me to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and pause.

But life sometimes has other ideas, and we get shifted about in a whirlwind.

Want some sure-fire wins for a quick health boost, that don’t cost a lot? Here are our list of non-negotiable self care rituals:

  • Fresh air. Every single day. Be it opening a window, walking out in nature. Even in London; hopping on a Boris bike to any green space will feel immensely good

  • Conscious breath. Breathe like you mean it. Take two minutes out to feel into and consciously ‘see’ how you’re breathing

  • Lots of water. Drink a fresh glass of water every hour

  • Nourish well. Ingest nutrients; choose as many fresh, homemade foods as possible and don’t be tempted to snack on processed foods

  • Journal. Even just a sentence a day; let words pour like water

  • Dance. Shake or move. Every single day

  • Speak your truth

  • Cleanse. Externally, internally, mentally

  • Take time out. Gift yourself 5 minutes just to be

  • Become inspired. You know what lifts you (is it a book/photo/friend)

  • Connect. Spend every single day seeking out a genuine connection with another being. Sounds kooky? But it’s the most important and precious part of the day. It can be something simple; smiling at someone, engaging in a conversation. Just find a way to connect and recall we are all one energy

  • Look at the sky

  • Look at the ground

Do these at least once a day and you’ll be on your way to avoiding burnout. Listen-in is required to hear what your body is telling you.