Rhythm Exchange: Beyond The Mat

Likewise, if we can invite and welcome change into our everyday lives, then again, we come to see the everflowing exchanges and shifts that occur. When one thing transforms, another pattern alters elsewhere.

So, how about encouraging change in our everyday lives?

  • Begin at home. If one area or room within your home space hasn’t been changed for a while, maybe you can make some transformations occur there? Create space, let old things go, change the energy of a room by moving furniture?

  • Introduce some change in your diet; are you addicted to something that depletes your energy? Alcohol, drugs, sugar? Can you let go just a tiny amount? Or do you want to let it go entirely? Observe and see how the changes transform other areas of your body. It doesn’t have to be drastic; maybe you’ll begin to have one more piece of fruit each day or take a supplement. Again, think outside the box. Make a list and pick the things that resonate with heart most.

  • Choose a new path. Literally. If you journey to work the same route every day, mix it up. Okay, so you may spend more time, fuel or effort to do so; but this is the point. Change is necessary and a natural state. Here is the opportunity to create new patterns, new experiences. By walking a new path, you will discover new challenges and rewards.

There are many ways to experience change and an exchange; when we let go of something, we invite space for new opportunity. So think of ways you can experience the rhythm exchange and look out for the new patterns. Notice where you are holding onto something that isn’t of service; be it food, relations, habits, emotions or daily patterns.

Be okay with letting go.

Know that in opening the palm and releasing this energy; you welcome a helping hand and a new touch.

© 2021 km & me limania  words and images 

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