Rhythm Exchange

Sometimes we achieve things we envisioned to be great, only to realise they aren’t for us. The lover we lusted over for weeks, days or months. The piece of art we craved and envisioned hanging on our wall. The job we always felt was ‘the one’. The house we admired for years. The figure on the scales we focused on all those years.

Sometimes when we get ‘there’, ‘it’ or ‘that’, we find the taste isn’t so sweet after all. The lover turns out to be egotistical, the art clashes with the interior, the job is unfulfilling and boring, life doesn’t feel all that different despite the new weight.

Change is a natural state.

It’s one that we have been programmed to abhor. We all, to some extent, like to believe that life will continue forever.

That all the perfect parts will stream eternally; holidays, love, relationships, fortune, youth and life.

We kind of live in a state of ignorance. Our current society is forever trying to reject change in all forms; we have ‘anti-ageing potions’; as if there was ever such a thing! Magazines obsessed with ‘keeping’ our teenage bodies, plastic surgery to ‘reverse the signs of time’.

Change is just not permitted.

You move home and people ask ‘why’ or ‘what was wrong with your old home?’. You end a relationship and people say, ‘I’m sorry’. You change your diet and people respond, ‘I couldn’t give that up’.

Change is seen to be an outcome of some negative experience.

But change is occurring every second of every day. If you’ve read this far, there are thousands of cells in your body that have died in this short time. Your skin has transformed. Your energy field has shifted. Maybe your perspective too.

Change is the state of life.

And how best should we deal with change?

By learning to let go.

Letting it all go with grace and ease.

Letting go of the intention, as well as the end result.

Not so easy. Especially when we dreamt of acquiring certain states for so long.

I was inspired recently by one of my teachers. She was explaining about the lungs and the associated meridians and elements. She asked me to pause and close my eyes. She guided me to my breath and asked me to dive deep into the sensation of the experience.

What occurred in this space?

As first I could sense the rise and fall; the expansion and retraction.

But as my attention fell deeper, as my ‘listening’ refined, I became aware of the exchange of energy. As I received, I let go.

In fact, to receive, I had to let go.

My body releases a little, and in turn receives.

My teacher explained it beautifully; that, here, in the space of the lungs, not only do we receive what is requires (the oxygen), but we let go of what does not serve us.

There is an exchange.

A change.

The body naturally, magically, subconsciously and intelligently chooses what is of service and beautifully lets go of what does not.

That is the natural state.

In letting go, we create space for the things that serve us.

This month we (as in Keira and I) let go of many things that affected our energy body. We let go of travelling too far from home, we let go of foods that were creating imbalances, we let go of some social media platforms that were causing imbalance.

And in turn, we invited things that provided greater service; more play time for asana, meditation and mantra, better digestion and less comparionitis.

So, this month our focus is on ‘letting go’. What can you let go of today? Right now? That is no longer serving you?

Can you welcome the change to ‘be’ and ‘be more’ than you thought possible?