Update; Presence Is A Present

Hi beauties

So, we've updated our schedule and you'll notice we've cut down just a little. This is to ensure we have more time to pour into the rituals we love the most; yoga and presence. This way we can serve our kula (community) better. We appreciate that by dropping some of our sessions, you may have to travel a little further and/or spend a little more time and money to join us. But we hope to repay you with more creativity, authenticity and appreciation.

We've got monthly workshops due for release and a new bookclub venue! Details to be emailed to our newsletter group next week.

And we are truly HONOURED and GRATEFUL to be teaching at the newly launched Henham Park Yoga Studio; a beautiful space created by one of Suffolk's best and most beloved teachers, Sarah Rous. Hope you may be able to make it to a session soon.

Remember we are only ever one email or call away, so if you want a recommendation for an awesome local class, teacher or advice on anything yogic, please just get in contact with us.

We are here to serve you xx