Dharma; Nature (circa Jan 2010)

For most people, yoga is a workout, but the truth is that yogasana (the physical practice of ‘making yoga shapes’) is

actually a work-in. This physical practice is a listen in the rituals of listening deeper, alignment and a letting go of all that ‘should be’ and ‘could be’. It’s about opening ourselves to possibility, to infinite source, to standing on the edge of all that has passed and what is yet to unravel. This practice is a course of lessons which can easily be carried beyond the corners of the mat.

Nature creates in curls, coils and curves. Energy is ceaseless; as is the breath. So as we begin here seat to earth, allow yourself to drop tension, soften the muscles and allow expectations to melt. Fall into the breath and let it wash over you. Let it wash you clean and clear. As we move together, allow the rhythm of breath to take precedence and infuse each pulsation of movement with breath.

Modern times teach us to fall out of sync with nature. We’re taught ideas of separateness, individuality and ego as a coping mechanism; tools to prevent overwhelm at the vastness of our true nature. We are nature.

The minerals and elements of earth and beyond form our bodies, feed our bodies and sustain us in all realms of consciousness. We are nature.

We are all made of the same ingredients. All part stardust.

The sacred, ancient practice of yoga reminds us of our roots, if we allow it. By sinking into breath, we hear the ancient parts, we feel right down into our roots.

Slow down, sink in, take moments to pause and seek support. Modify as need. Breathe deep. And believe in the power and depth of your true nature.