Dharma; Birdsong & Stars

Take a moment to notice the invisible; what lies deeper.

Just as you no longer notice the birdsong at midday when compared with the morning, does it mean that the birds have stopped singing? Or rather have we allowed the other sounds to drown their song?

The stars can not be seen during the day, but does that mean they have ceased to burn bright? Or rather, have you let the clouds confuse the situation? Maybe you no longer admire the sky and cast your eyes down?

Glance to the stars; know that they are there.

Raise your head and listen for the bird song.

Now you are in Yoga.

Energy flows where the attention goes.

Be conscious, be careful about what you fill heart and head with. Fall into breath deeper. Take a moment to discover something new. Expect the unexpected and fall into grace.

Fall into the less familiar, maybe the invisible.